ClickIO Reviews – Does it Helpful for Bloggers?

Clickio is recently approved as a tech ad publishing partner. Their innovative team really works hard closely with the Google team to meet the requirement of the publisher.

As we know there many of publisher out there, who has been in the industry more than decades, but clickIO is has a different approach, as they help investors to gain more exposures for ads and provide publisher an excellent opportunity to monetize app and website.

As they are the first Google-certified as a partner, who has proud to announce the consent tool, in CMP conformity, this is a new thing that has been rising after Google has released GDPR guidelines.

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ClickIO offers some cool features, and the publisher needs to check out:

1. Monetization Opportunity: They provide full-stack advertising solutions to the android app and Websites, which entirely work on Artificial Intelligence.
Do you know what full-stack advertising is? Full-stack is a beautiful concept for the investors as well as publishers, which means more revenue for bloggers.

ClickIO offers full-stack advertising that means it fulfills the need of the investors, as this works on the cross channel and cross-platform too. This method is controlled entire ad inventory, which ads delivers on the right device, with the correct format at the right time.

2. Website Performance: They claim to offers superior speed to the website. ClickIO prism tool helps convert your website into a responsive page, which quickly swipes with a finger. Most of the time, mobile speed has degraded due to the irrelevant format, which does fit some time to screen, not every time. ClickIO prism helps to deliver the right ads to the user, which can easily adjust and understand the device.

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3. Tracking: Analytics of ClickIO offers superior and transparent data that provides user data with monetization metrics. ClickIO is Session RPM-based ad networks that mean session per mile, which means clicks or pageview hit does not affect or spike your revenue. But why they concentrate on the session, bcoz as we know, pageview hits could be in between 1 sec to 10 sec, and that is not enough time to engage entirely with ads. Session count gives the practical and flexible method to count user experience and as well as monetization opportunity.

4. Compliance: ClickIO is not an only publishing platform, but they give credibility to the users and also keeps their website fully functioning as per GDPR rules. They advise you to manage your site as per GDPR guidelines, so you will safe in the eye of google using a consent management tool. Don’t hesitate to try this ad network, because they already received approval from IAB (IAB stands for Interactive Advertising Bureau, which rules the digital media and advertising community.)

We can monetize our website in below-recommended ads format:

Adaptive Ad Layout:

Adaptive ad layout, as the name suggests, they optimize ad and their performance as per the website. This ad does not make your site heavy. The artificial intelligence-based ad testing tool analyzes user behavior, the most engaging part of the website, content placements, device, and connection type, so you will not worry about where to place code.

Dynamic Demand Stack:

Dynamic ads give priority to the header portion of the ads. As we know, header ads are crucial and share max earning to the overall revenue of ads. This part is the highest bidding ads part, and that’s the first place where the user can interact if he interested.

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Custom Implementations:

In the Custom ads format, your website thoroughly analyzed by the AI-based algorithm and placed an ad in the form, where it can be easily accessible to the user and help boost the website’s performance.

AMP, Video, Native:

Do you believe your niche is much engaging with the user, or you can check your website bounce rate, does it low as compare to the user? I recommend you to use video or native ad formats today. Videos are the best approach to increase user engagement on the website.

Have you decided to join clickIO? Still not convinced, then you can try below sites like ClickIO.

Top 5 ClickIO Alternatives:


Mediavine has been one of the oldest, trusted, and Google certified ad networks. Most of the users who are active and have a million followers on Pinterest would recommend joining this network. Before applying, you should have to cross 25000 sessions per month, and most of the traffic you need is from the USA, this is one of the best alternatives for AdSense if you have decent traffic on the website, then start the applying process.


Ezoic ad network completed ten years successfully in the ad industry and one of the trusted ad partner for bloggers. If you are a beginner blogger, then this ad network is ideal for you, all you need is a 10K pageview for the month, and they don’t have any criteria regarding targeted traffic, so has your website cross this traffic limit? Then apply today.

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Propeller Ads:

Propeller ads are one of the best ClickIO Alternatives you can try. There is no need to have the right amount of traffic to join a propeller ad network. You can join this network anytime, but before joining, I would like to recommend you to cross at least 100K pageview criteria. You will see a much amount of money on the dashboard.


Infolinks are trusted and reliable in-text ad network. Do you provide lots of new content daily to the audience, then I suggest you join Infolinks. In-text ads are placed on the words and phrases, so you will not see any display and banners ads with this network. ad network empowered by yahoo and bing so that you can trust this network. Your website must have massive traffic from the USA, Canada, UK. Most of the bloggers claim that team reviews the website’s Alexa rank to get an estimate of traffic.

Conclusion: I hope you like the broad review on the ClickIO ad network and also the list of the alternative to ClickIO, which can works better these days. If you are not sure about clickIO, Let me know your thoughts.

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