YouTube Views Drastically Improve by Malicious Chrome Extensions

YouTube Views drastically improves by malicious chrome extensions

At time, I was roaming around different website, I found an interesting YouTube news. A new Google chrome extension, which was recently came into existence named as Tiempo en Colombia en vivo, this is actually malware extension, basically translates a weather in Columbia. This malware actually gets noticed by one of the anti-malware software’s firm named as Malwarebytes. The purpose of this extension is to increase YouTube views maliciously, as it was reported by them.

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Artificial Intelligence beyond Human Expectation!!!

Like, another day, i just browsing over the different website, looking for more some information, then I found programmatic chat menu, which delivers continuously message to me, first I thought that was real person, try to engage me on website, but I observed when I visit that website through multiple page, it keeps following me, then I decided to find this thing. Lets started for new topic, not new exactly, but unseen.

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Hacking Online Tool & Its Introduction!

Hacking, everybody knows this word and also, that word reflect itself as illegal activity. When this topic comes I have get some reviews from my friend circles like;“What is ethical hacking”, “Hacking is for professionals”, “hacking its beyond you think?” etc.

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Bitcoin Mining Affects Website Performance & SEO Ranking Too!

Hello Friends,

Today I have bring a some information to you, may be you are aware of it or not, so let’s started,

Money. Yup everyone loves to earn some bucks online or without investment, if you have business online you can earn too. Many of us know advertising and monetizing techniques to earn bucks.


In recent days, there is new technique came up in to the market, to attract many of passionate bloggers and website owners, that is “Website Mining”

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