7 Best Free Gallery Plugin for WordPress in 2021 (Complete Features)

best free gallery plugin for wordpress

Photos may enhance the engagement of your WordPress site.  According to successful bloggers and website creators, pictures are included in the website, increasing the chances that people will stick to it, and view the content for more extended periods. There is a famous saying that “A picture may worth more than a thousand words”.  Therefore … Read more

What is the Easiest Font to Read – 10 Best Community Accepted

What is the Easiest Font to Read

Introduction:- Bloggers often use these opportunities to attract the traffic and the fonts become a prominent option for them. In every way possible as they become a solid foundation for bloggers to attract the readers in reading various blogs through their interesting content. Actually the font also plays an equal role in attracting the audience … Read more

6 Best WordPress Landing Page Builders Plugins – Complete Overview

WordPress landing page Builder

Are you looking for the best WordPress landing page Builder plugin? We experience that making a site in WordPress has become so easy since earlier times. Earlier people used to code, but now since the page builder plugin for WordPress has come, people are effortlessly creating an elegant landing page. If you are looking for … Read more

Quick Ways to Add Sticky Sidebar for WordPress – Complete Tutorial

Sticky sidebar wordpress

Have ever noticed sticky elements on the WordPress that follow whenever you scroll up and down on the website. That’s the magic of WordPress plugins, which continually wants your attention whenever you go on the website. WordPress is a brilliant platform and offers an excellent opportunity for industry experts and bloggers to track and monitor … Read more