Cashify Alternative – Earn Money from Unused Gadgets

Cashify is one of the best websites to sell used gadgets. It has more than 2 Million + users who have exchanged more than two million used gadgets for over 873 crore cash. 

Selling old phones or laptops, be it broken or water damaged. You can be able to sell at a reasonable price. The rate will be more than the exchange price of the specific products the E-commerce market offers. 

From gaming consoles to Tv, Desktop, iMacs, Tablets are the Cashify website’s gadgets in their website. 

All you have to do is answer the questions related to the used products and get your quote. Once you initiate the condition about your old smartphone with the details, the representative of Cashify will schedule a pick up at your address. 

The respected person will evaluate the situation of your phone. So that it matches the specification, you have mentioned on the website. 

Then he will be paying you in cash or getting delivered via UPI apps or different payment options. One of the best features to sell the used gadgets is the Cashify website. They are allowed to get paid 6% extra. 

If the person chooses to pay via Amazon, pay. Their service is available only in Limited 24 cities. 

This article will discuss some of the Cashify Alternatives websites similar to sell the used gadgets before you proceed to buy a new one. 


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Here Are Some Best Cashify Alternatives:

1.Budli. in

It is another website that accepts used gadgets. Even if you have the least popular model, you still get a quote for the product. 

You can visit the website and fill out the necessary details of your selling product. Be it laptop or desktops, or smartphones. Budli.I will revert you within 72 hours with the response.

Suppose you accept their quotation for your product. The company will email you its shipping label, which you need to paste on the parcel of the packed phone or any other gadgets after the package is collected. 

It will be inspected. The money will be transferred to your account within 24 hours. 

2.CashOn Pick:

CashOn picks may not be as popular platforms for selling used gadgets. But it is one of the best Cashify Alternatives for selling or purchasing used smartphones.

 Suppose you are likely to buy a smartphone. Visit its website and check out the desired products and order. It will be provided at your doorstep. 

The best methods they offer to their customers on their website. They can pay via cash as a payment method after getting their Products. 

3.Envirofone Shop:

A Website that deals with the used smartphones, old or even refurbished ones, is this Envirofone shop. 

It is one of the dedicated platforms for purchasing or selling used or refurbished smartphones. Most of the refurbished phones from this website offer a warranty of 12 months. 

The company can deliver the products for free throughout any address in the United States and Canada. 

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This website is another Cashify Alternatives which preferably deals with second-hand electronic goods.

You can sell almost anything from computers, pads to IOS devices, Android at working or not working conditions. And also avail an additional discount from it. 

4.Karma Recycling:

This website accepts all the gadgets in any condition. Even if this is not working, you still get the least amount of recycling. All you have to do is get a quote for your product. 

The representative will pick it up. You can also sell laptops and iMacs. 

5. Gadgets:

One of the best websites for selling or purchasing used smartphones in the United Kingdom. These 4Gadgets will deliver the product on the same day of purchase. 

The best thing about this website. They offer all their used and refurbished smartphones and other gadgets at economical prices. It also features a 12-month warranty along with free returns. The company provides all its brand’s value at an economical price for its customers. 

6. Atterobay:

It is an Internet serving portal that also trades work second-hand gadgets and smartphones. Atterobay offers shipping services to anywhere in the United States from its site. 

The payment can be transferred via PayPal or bank account as well. One of the significant advantages of this Cashify Alternative. 

It follows the process of recycling the used mobile phones in a specific manner. The website contains multiple options for payment in Atterobay. 

7. SmartFoneStore:

Suppose you are thinking of selling or purchasing used smartphones and tablets for a reasonable amount. 

Then SmartFoneStore is the best choice for you. You were listed among the best selling and Buying smartphones. This UK-based website deals with the latest versions and provides you with the best offer of a giant of your products. 

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SmartFoneStore deals with a limited number of expensive contracts. You only need to choose the model. They will select the SIM requirement of any network with the list of available models in front of them. 

8. CellMeFree

CellMeFree is selling and Buying new platforms by trading over the Internet. The platform offers the four best options for the users. 

They are value for money, free shipping, a quick payment system, and safe trade. One of the good things about this website. They often compare tools to get the best price for selling/buying the smartphone. 

The following factors the website offers is that all their devices are thoroughly checked, unlocked and tested. They offer 75% on the value of money. One can also purchase smartphones with a thirty-day warranty. 


These are the top suitable Cashify Alternatives to earn money by selling the used gadgets. One should do well-researched research and compare any of their desired devices before opting for selling it to the anthem of these websites. 

Each website or app has its factors and advantages. In Terms of their Products and it’s conditioning. Some of the sites also sell refurbished gadgets. I hope you have liked this article and show some love by sharing this post. 

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