Start Your Own Blog “The Right Way” in 2019 Step By Step Guide

So you are about to start up your new blogs? Huh, cool. This blog will provide you all blogging resources; with the help of this, you can begin your new blog in 2019.

Before you read this blog, I guess you have seen lots of posts and YouTube videos. And the same one thing repeatedly bombarding to your ear, is “blogging is never easy in 2019” right.

What Makes Your Blog Successful?

Yes, that’s true in some scenarios, but if you have the right content and have that much of understanding the power to convince your audience, then your king. Don’t forget its one of the billionaire’s words “Bill Gates”: Content is King.

Why Do You Want to Pursue Blogging?

This is an interesting question; you should ask yourself before entering this field. Have you inspired by any blogger words or their income report 😀 LOL. Lots of people, on average thinking to start a blog. If you are serious about blogging, then you should at least wait 8 to 12 months to grab your first month earning. Many of them make before.

Money Making Blog

How to Run a Successful Blog?

Blogging is a vast field; there are a lot of income streams to earn from 100$ to 10000$ per month. But patience is a must.

Don’t you ever think I will be a full-time blogger and get freedom from 9 to 6 jobs. No, first you should invest in yourself. How much I can write, how much I can pay to freelancers. You will allow using only limited resources to build your blog.

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What is Your Aim in Blogging?

how to run a successful blog

Now lets come to the main point, have you decide your vision, what you want to achieve from blogging. On average, thousands of websites build as a blogger, but only 100 of them, able to survive. Is money making is your goals, then think again, bcoz everybody is on the same page.

From experts to a newbie, so most of the audience will prefer to go with experts, not with a newbie. Right.

So consistent work in blogging and never give up attitude is must, there are two types of people in these industries, a kind of people are about to follow their passion, they don’t care about revenue, or they don’t set any income target. This kind of person only writes a blog; they only want to share their thoughts with the audience.

Other people consider this industry as a money-making system. Yes, most of them earn a lot more than 9 to 6 regular jobs, and without the torture of boss, colleagues. Etc: D. in this scenario, you should work on content, SEO, promotion, and lots of other things. That seems harsh, right? So, Make your decision now.

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What Are Your Interests?

What is your interest? What kind of mastery do you possess? That matter. Bcoz valuable content is a must and recommended. Google algorithm also loves unique and original content.

According to research, per year, on an average, 70% blogger come up with a tech idea, now 2019 that’s not easy for a newbie to rank in front of blogging giants, like TechCrunch, Neil Patel, Shoutmeloud.

The tech idea not always worked. There are a lot of other categories, niches exist in the market, that you can choose to work. For example, Tech blogger has a lot of niches including, gadget reviews and unboxing, blogging, WordPress guide, ecommerce blogs, coding guidance, app development blogs. And many more.

If you’re out of tech category, then congrats, you are about to open for the world. Other types which also has lots of consideration by the audience, but only 20 to 30% chose to go with different category. Like, travel, lifestyle, health, fitness, DIY guide, troubleshoot, home design idea, entertainment news, celebrity gossips, and many more. This category also acquires lots of search markets. Even insurance and lawyers field got the highest price for bidding keyword, so take a deep breath, and don’t be disappointed if your not tech blogger. I will show you the great tricks to be a successful blogger

Choose Web Hosting Platform:

Buy Best Web Hosting

This is a very very important step, if your about to create a new blog, there are so many attractive and customized platforms available like blogger, WordPress, Joomla, Shopify, Woocoomerce, Drupal. You can choose any one of the above. Here we face two scenarios, if you are from a coding background or at least having little CSS knowledge, then you can design anything, but if you’re from a non-coding experience like me sad :D. Then you get a lot of hectic work to manage by urself, bcoz even small changes might cause hard design damage or even break your website theme.

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How to Start WordPress Blog?

I usually research before applying any small code to the background. But now the WordPress community has helped and brought up lots of non-coder. Almost 35% of bloggers hosted their website on WordPress. But WordPress is not free; you should have to maintain your Cpanel, that’s another server work.

If you don’t wish to mess with all of the stuff, then you can go with, blogger, and you can save at least hosting cost, you need to buy a beautifully crafted blogger template, that cost you minimum 10$, and you can use this blogger theme, to several websites. And the great news is customized blogger template at least has a minimum level of SEO setting. So you can try with a blogger in the beginning phase.

Grab Domain Name for Blog:

Picking up domain is very creative work. Lots of people made a mistake while selecting a domain name; some of them choose their name as a domain name. According to my, that’s not a smart move. First of all, select a name according to your blog topic or niche. And do not ever choose a copyright name, patented name as your domain name. DMCA, Google EMD, they are like soldiers, they will take your website down, if you violate their rule, while selecting a domain.

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You should have to analyze your blog niche and create some combination of words that will suit your website. For example, if you want to choose the health domain, then your domain name might be, healthexpertidea, healthymind etc.i have just given an example, you can even think better than me, so focus and choose wisely.

And one more thing, domain extensions matter a lot. If you are from the UK, Canada, or any other place, then you can choose .uk as your domain extension. That helps a lot if you wish you don’t want to rank your website in a low CPC country. Either you can go with .com .net so you will get better international exposures.

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Buy the Best Cloud Web-hosting from Trusted Providers

Yea, finally, this process bit easy! You only need to pay a web hosting price; hosting also varies from Linux based shared hosting to cloud-based web hosting. You can choose as per your needs, don’t go for a bigger one. Even single hosting can handle 100k month traffic if you buy from a reputed and trusted provider.

100k is a lot right; that’s means on an average of 3000 visitors per day, it means 125 user/hour.

While choosing the best Web hosting provider, you should have to check its review and portfolio, as well as recommendations. Hosting features varies from one provider to another; some allow you to use a free SSL version, like let’s encrypt; some provide only a limited database. In the future, if you wanted to create more sites, then you need to upgrade the current plan, and updating the plan always hurts by cost.

As beginner, you should go with basic Linux version hosting, for ecommerce store, I would like to suggest you cloud version hosting, because ecommerce has a lots of products and pages, lots of users, will utilize a lot of web resources, and that might hurt web performance, and resulted the website may down.

How To Do Keyword Research:

This step is the backbone of your business. Nobody knows which google algorithm comes to your sites, and your website will face traffic winning or losing situation.

We have lots of resources to select a profitable keyword for a blog post; you can use ubersuggest: if you want direct access without login. Others also there like paid version ahref, semrush, (semrush, allows you to analyze trial version of the dashboard). You should go with keyword planner, is best and free version keyword research tool, which at least provides you an estimate data of search volume like 10k-100k.

Best Keyword Finder Tool

You should be careful while picking up a profitable keyword, focus your keyword carefully, check its search volume, monthly searches, bidding price, all of the things must analyze carefully because we have lot website available on the internet, and everybody of course trying to get the first position for better leads and profit.

So starts with at least low competition keywords, with decent volume, at least in between hundred to thousand. And write a good post, so google let everybody know that you have some great content.

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How to Write Your First Blog Post?

After preparing the list of keywords, starts with the purpose of your post, first try to simplify the aim of a post in first paragraphs, why you are writing this post. That’s important, take a real-life example. If somebody holds the paper to your hands, to read, you should at least trying to read and understand the first para of content, right? Rest content will be depending on the user, that how much he appreciated the first para, if he finds some new material, then user definitely read all content.

For blog posts try to include images, informational graphics, in content, yes if you don’t want users to get bored, right, if he sees all content is like Essay, then he will leave your site, so try to include some information in visual ways.

Divide your content in the subheading, according to research user tend to read at least 6 to 7 continuous lines after that, its looks like messy things, so divide content in a clear and understandable headline. So he can directly reach where he wanted to.

Promote Your Hard Written Work

After a beautifully written blog post, you should share it with your colleagues, as well as on the internet.
Sharing is also important as, like content, today’s marketing industry is survived only bcoz of promotion. If you have something valuable, then you should definitely share with others and let others know this is great. People come to you, again and again, buy your stuff, trying to engage in social media also.

Either way, you can choose free promotional styles or paid ones. For a paid version, you just need to boost your post on facebook; this post can reach 8k to 9k people only at 10$ (might be price varies).

For free promotion, you should share your blog to high authority sites, like Pinterest, Tumblr, etc. they have millions of users so that it will be helpful. Another way is to add yourself to the blogging community, try to engage actively in a forum, share all of your content with them at least a weekly basis.

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Develop and Maintain Your Blog:

A blog is not a single entity. Yes, every piece of equipment has its own life period, same also with blogs too. In exceptional cases, the blogger website does not have that much maintenance. But if you are on WordPress and other customized platforms, then you need to upgrade everything in the backend, like plugins, tools, website speed, CDN, PHP updates, redirections error pages. Etc.

Lots of thing needs to maintain and time-wise appearance, features, how google will analyze your sites. The problematic things, which we can’t identify, but google caches, and show it on webmaster tool. the webmaster needs to check every week

That’s all. I hope all the information will help you to be a successful blogger. Let us know; you’re though on the blog. Thanks.

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