Top 3 Best SEO Plugins to Optimize Your WordPress Blog Post

In this blog, I will share my experience and list of the best SEO plugin for WordPress, to boost your SEO score for the blog post.

WordPress is undoubtedly superiors to other platforms; you can get almost more than 50k free plugins and tools to use it for your website or blog. But choosing one of them is very frustrating because nearly all of WordPress SEO plugins offer similar kinds of optimization options.

Write a blog post is maybe easy to most of us, but optimized your SEO blog post to rank it on google’s first page, is very tough, because, in 2020, situation is like, everybody is on the same page, lots of killing SEO techniques, algorithmic changes, google penalties, competitors stealing ideas, that is enough to down your post, day by day.

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Today we have a lot of free SEO plugins for WordPress, which will surely help you rank. But the bitter truth is
“nobody knows which strategy works to rank your post”

Here are the Lists of Best SEO Plugins for WordPress:

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO - best seo plugin wordpress

No dought, Yoast SEO is one of the best SEO plugin for WordPress, Did you know, why I put the Yoast SEO plugin on the first position. Huh? As per my belief, I have tried most of the SEO plugins, but some of them are showing SEO option in lengthy article format (which is I don’t like, simple, short is preferable), some plugins have sophisticated design, instead of Yoast SEO, is full of rich features, it allows you connect your google analytics, google webmaster in one place under general>webmaster tool.

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Yoast SEO offers a lot of technical aspects for the post, like your writing style, vocabulary aspects, under the blog post, as mention analysis result.

Second thing, if you have massive pages, like ecommerce, the site, then you can apply meta-rule to all of the pages at the same time. This is new to me. I don’t have any giant site yet. You can also schedule your post to share on social media sites but make sure you have added your business profiles to Yoast plugins.

All in SEO Pack

All in SEO Pack - best seo plugin wordpress

This plugin is also considered as one of the trusted and recommended best SEO plugin for WordPress. All in one, SEO also offers a lot of optimization options to use.

One noticeable thing is all in one SEO pack offers noindex, nofollow option below the blog post. If you don’t want to index your blog post by google bot, or don’t want to follow your blog post, then you can tick below options, like noindex, nofollow, noodp, noydir.

All in SEO pack has an impressive feature section, where you can find a lot of tools like XML sitemap, robots.txt, file editor, bot blocker, and many more, they are free, but some of them went in a pro pack, so check and activate as per need.

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The SEO Framework.

The SEO Framework - best seo plugin wordpress

Most bloggers and personal website owners now use the SEO Framework. This is one-page best SEO plugin available for wordpress, also has lots of SEO options to consider.

The best thing about these free and best SEO plugin for WordPress is they have a performance setting option, where they can optimized query which can pass to a database, like if your site has thousands of pages, then whenever query fires, it affects to the performance right. The SEO framework claims they can optimized query response faster and more accurate way. I wish, if I had big sites, then I will try these features, love to see this feature.

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They also have pack features like all in one SEO pack, a small tool that you can activate as per your need like monitor, title fix, local SEO, amp etc.

Conclusion: This are my recommended best SEO plugins for WordPress if you want to try. I hope you love this information. Let me know your thoughts.

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