Best Payoneer Alternatives For Bloggers & Freelancers 2021 – Hand Picked

Are you fed up with Payoneer Service? & Hence, Looking For Payoneer Alternatives.

Payoneer is an American company of financial services that provides online money transfer, digital payment services that was founded in 2005.

Today I am going to break down all about top 8 BEST PAYONEER ALTERNATIVES FOR BLOGGERS & FREELANCERS 2021.

Let’s us move further in the article to know more about each of them;

8 Best Payoneer Alternatives


It Was founded in 2011. Which is also used for business purposes and for the ones who want to send money across borders avoiding hefty banks and can receive the money from a local account in another country, so that we can take this as a Payoneer alternative? And available for businesses and individuals, which means paying unnecessary fees for any single international payment can be a thing of the past. 

And with a borderless multi-currency, so you can hold your money in different currencies and transfer to currencies around the world in a foreign country and wherever you like.

Key Feature –  

  • Tranferwise can hold money in different currencies and can transfer money in different countries without any intermediary banks involved.
  • Without intermediary banks getting involved

2. PAYPAL – 

PayPal is widely used worldwide, and can be a better Payoneer alternative. PAYPAL is a well-known finance company, and this is not surprising that they also offer businesses to make international payments. Its business offerings differ slightly from country to country. 

But when it comes to international transfers, this is an important to check details. Costs with a business account can be different from paying privately. The cost could be made up of various things, like currency conversion charges to recipient fees. A Paypal business account will cost you and your business.

Key Feature – 

  • It can be a better option for international payments but can cost you for your business purpose.
  • There is no fee to create an account but that doesn’t mean won’t cost
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Is formerly known as Moneybookers & can be a better Payoneer alternative.Which offers a way for online retailers to process their online payments and provide by letting people pay each other online without needing bank details.

And they too offer international payments. SKRILL has a system of wallets for transfers means you can send money from one wallet to another. 

If your recipient does not have a wallet, you can send money directly to their bank account. This app can also cost you like for uploading cash into your account, sending and converting into the new currency.

Key Feature – 

  • Can make international payments and even you can pay without any bank details but it can cost you.
  • Just an email address is required if both sender & receiver are signed up


Processes online payments as well as international transfers too. NETELLER will also be a better option for using as a pioneering alternative.

Neteller has a complex system of ‘VIP’ MEMBERSHIP from ‘bronze’ diamond’s and the cost they charge depends upon what kind of membership you have. can cost variably like depending on how you upload money into your account: costs one amount to deposit money via Visa and another amount via a Santander bank account & cost depends upon how you withdraw the money from your account.

Key Feature- 

  • By using this alternative, you can pay by using email address and have membership system
  • Using Neteller account, you can pay anyone with an email address, even without bank details

5. PAYZA –

Payza is also used world wide, and we can take it as a Payoneer alternative. PAYZA is the company involved with e-commerce and as well as consumers. 

Targets online businesses, offering services including online invoicing and mass payroll payments. Personal firms and clients both use their e-wallets system to store money virtually, and you can operate your money in numerous currencies from all over the world. Payza may charge various to receive or withdraw money and currency conversion at a fee of 2.5%. 

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They offer different less common currencies as & lets you withdraw funds into famous cryptocurrency. It’s free to set up an account. And the process of getting started with payza is super easy.

Apart from the basic features like shopping, money transfers, and receiving money online, there is also one feature that is different from others, supporting bitcoins. Many companies help bitcoins.

You can receive your money as bitcoins, you can make payments in bitcoins, and even you can convert your cash into bitcoins.

Key Feature – 

  • It also support bitcoin
  • Payza is the first company that started bitcoin support

6. WEPAY –

Also can be used as a Payoneer alternative for making online payments as well as receiving. is an incredibly secure and fraud-free payment system that guarantees to keep your business away from any kind of online fraud. 

If your business encounters any such situation, we pay to take full responsibility for the total loss. On the way, you can easily set up your account and can easily make and receive payments. Wepay customer support is always online to help you out.

Key Feature –  

  • It guarantees you to keep your business away from online fraud and take full responsibility of total loss. And have top rated customer support
  • They have their  24/7 customer support always ready to help you.


Apart from shopping, Amazon has another service for making payments through their app as you can use your payment gateway to receive payments from other customers. 

There are several benefits once you integrate with amazon payments on your website. The first and the central plus point is that users on their website already know the payment procedure and their checkout information is already stored in the amazon database which makes their payment processing fast. 

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Amazon does not have any fee for everyday transactions, but they have different commission rates for domestic and international transaction rates, which you can check at their website.

Key Feature –  

  • Have different rates for domestic and international transaction rates and payment processing is fast
  • Amazon has a user base of millions of customers


Is a fantastic initiative by google for making online payments and receiving money online from customers and clients. is an excellent Payoneer alternatives. 

Does not need any account setup or software installation, or anything similar. You can use your google account, and authorization permission are enough to get started with google pay. Google pay is free to use as the app does not charge for any payments through google pay. 

Key Feature –  

  • Does not need any kind of account setup does not charge for any payments through app
  • Google pay is easy to deal with, and offers fantastic offers which you will know when you will start dealing with this


Hope these Payoneer Alternatives will help you to switch off from Payoneer, as they also have the same feature for transferring money online as well as they can store the money in a wallet and In some apps you can store your money in different currencies also. 

In a few alternatives you can even transfer money without any bank details.

So, these apps could be the best option for any kind of online payment whether they are personal or for business purposes.

Although, creating your account on each of them is not a hard task. 

However, if you get any issue while signing up in any of Payoneer Alternatives.

Then don’t forget to drop your question in the comment section of this blog.

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