Top 5 Best Diigo Alternatives and Similar Apps In Market

Looking for Diigo alternatives to save and share all of your work, including docs and images. Check out my five Diigo similar apps.
Diigo is multi-tool software for saving and sharing all of your information, including links, text, and many more. Diigo is an old software company, which comes with a mission in mind to provide the user with secure access to information resources.

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Diigo can collect and organized everything in one place. For SEO, Digital marketing gigs, Diigo app is one most accessible website to create natural backlinks or drop your products in Diigo, for quality links.

Diigo Alternatives

Diigo is a freemium version website, which allows multiple plans, including a free version plan with 500 slots like you can save anything up to count no 500, rest are standard, professional, business comes under paid packages.

How Do You Bookmark on Diigo?

Diigo is a pure, user rich product, which allows you to bookmark through the library, click on + symbol, then dialogue box open and ask you to drop your URL. Its systems automatically fetch URLs title, and then you can paste your description and tags if you had.

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How Do You Use Diigo?

Login to your Diigo account and then click on + sign, which releases four drops down menus, currently Diigo accepts four types of submission, URLs bookmarks, image submission, pdf submission, and last one is notes. If you are unable to use Diigo or if somehow your account gets block, then you can try below list of diigo alternatives.

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Here are my five best Diigo alternatives that you can count on.


Instapaper is one of the best Diigo alternatives apps in the market and the primary work of this platform is to saves all of your links and text to read later purposes. You can check Instapaper from here.


Evernote is on second no, as name mention itself, you can save all of the notes and bookmarking URLs. It allows you to save webpages, projects and helps you maintain a to-do list. It has an exact function, and you can count Evernote as one of the trusted diigo alternatives. Check Evernote today.


bitrix24 IS Multipurpose platform and one of the best Diigo alternatives to provides management tool, communication, a social collaboration, including file sharing option. Check bitrix24 from here.


Tagpacker is on last in the list of Diigo alternatives and free tool to collect, organizes, and share your favorite links in one place. These tools currently not allow Indian IP users. Tagpacker is similar to Diigo. You can create tags and save multiple URLs under tags. Check Tagpacker now.

Google Bookmarks

Yes, stunned, google bookmark is another platform similar to Diigo. But first, you have to log in for your account. Don’t try to add any adult or content which creates policy violation, bcoz it’s your personal google account. Try Google Bookmark.

Pro tip: Google bookmark is last, but not recommended you to consider as Diigo alternatives, because it does not provide any backlink from its domain, so do not try to invest your time on google bookmark.

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Conclusion: I hope you like top five recommended diigo alternatives websites. Let me know your thoughts.

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