Best Chrome Extensions for Productivity – Things are Easy to Get Done

Are you in the quest of some best Chrome Extensions? To make you work done in a limited and effective manner?

Before we go through the top 10 Google Chrome Extensions for Productivity, let’s first talk about What Are Chrome Extensions?

Chrome Extensions are simple but powerful apps created by using different computer languages like CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and a lot more.

They are especially developed by developers to assist people with the internet to complete their in and effectiveness preserving their creativity.

11 Best Chrome Extensions for Productivity

1.Google Keep  

Google Keep

Google Keep, as its name is it a google chrome extension to keep your daily worklist. 

This extension helps you manage your day neatly, and you can also keep your weekly routine in it. One of the best features is that you can set location-based reminders to do your work correctly. 

You can set work to what you want to finish in your office and to your home, and it will remind you of your work at the exact time you have to give it the location access. You can also set different colours according to different urgent levels.



It is a chrome extension that manages tasks. It is a straightforward yet effective task manager. You can make a list of all your important projects and tasks. You can organize tasks according to urgency. 

Then you can cut out already done jobs, so don’t get confused with already done jobs. You can also create sub-groups, sub-projects and manage your workload easily.

3.Clockify Time Tracker 

Clockify Time Tracker

This chrome extension helps you to manage your time with different types of works. You can track the amount of time spent on various activities you can use to analyze and improve your productivity level. 

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This extension will also show you how much time you have spent on different websites so you can manage them all.



 It works according to its name. This chrome extension helps you to remove distractions and to work correctly. 

If your attention gets distracted easily by social media and other websites, this extension will be handy for you. You can set up how much time you are going to spend on a particular website. 

For example, let’s say you spend more time on Facebook by chatting with someone watching memes, scrolling the news feed you have set up on your blocked website list and setting how much time you will spend on Facebook every day. 

Once you have crossed that time limit, you will not be able to use Facebook anymore now, and you can only use Facebook the next day. 

There is an option called the Nuclear option. In this option, you can set the time or date in which you ultimately want to restrict the uses of a particular site so that it can work properly. You will not be able to use those sites at that time or date.



This particular extension is only for those who use Gmail a lot. This extension gives you many handy features. 

This extension helps you schedule your Gmail so you can write it anytime you want, then prepare it for a particular time, and when the time comes, the Gmail will be sent automatically. It also tells you where the receiver has checked your email or not. 

One of the best features of this extension is that it provides you with an AI, which helps you write your emails, and it also shows you what the chances to receive a response from the recipient are.

6. Productivity Owl

Productivity Owl

This extension gives you a virtual owl which helps you to improve your productivity level. 

Whenever you visit a site, you will have an owl animation that will always remind you to focus on your tasks. 

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You can completely block or restrict the amount of time you want to spend on non-work-related websites. It also provides you with an option to close all those tabs after fifteen minutes that are not in use. 



It is a handy chrome extension to save your time and effort. It comes with many keyboard shortcuts to make your life more manageable. 

For example, by just pressing “J” and “K”, you can scroll down a page, or by pressing “shift+F,” it will automatically show you all the links available on that webpage so that you can visit your link very quickly. 

It will also provide you with shortcut keys to access all the webpage links. For example, to open some particular link, an alphabet is shown on the top of that URL. 

If you press that alphabet, you will automatically enter into the site. So, you don’t have to use a mouse after installing this extension.  



It is a great extension, especially if you are wasting your time on social media. This tool is specially designed for those who are addicted to social media. 

This extension will turn your social media news feed into a to-do list which will show you the tasks that you will accomplish today and are remaining for the day. 

You can also set up the time in which you can’t afford disturbance and in which time you have a break. 

So, whenever you access your social media handles, you will see a list there which will automatically be removed after the time duration so you can reassess your social media. 

It was first designed for Facebook, but now it can be used with other social media like Instagram, Twitter, Reddit etc. 

9.Strict Workflow 

Strict Workflow

This extension is defined on the formula of work and breaks during your work period. It will completely block time-wasting websites, and when your break time comes, you can reaccess it. 

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Usually, the ratio of time and work is 25:5 means 5 minutes of break after every 25 minutes of work.

10.Productivity Tracker 

Productivity Tracker

It works on the total counts of keyboard strokes. The more you stoke, the more it will show. It will represent all your productivity data through a graph. 

It is excellent for content writers who basically write content and get distracted easily by YouTube. 

It works only on the total count of keyboard strokes, so if you are chatting with someone on social media, this might not be so useful for you. 



Grammarly is a freemium Chrome extension. It allows you to check your grammatical errors in the article. 

It also contains many handfuls’s features like plagiarism detector, synonyms for your written words, making sentences more readable, and many more. 

It also has a premium version which offers a lot more than its free version offers starting from $29.95 per month.

Frequently Asked Questions Related To Best Chrome Extensions for Productivity – Things are Easy to Get Done?

Q. Is adding these extensions to Chrome Dangerous?

No, we have selected each of the extensions by going through a deep internet research.

Q. Where do I find extensions on Google Chrome?

Click on the link, it will take you to the Chrome Web Store. 

Q. Which Is The Best VPN Chrome Extension?

There is no doubt that Browsec VPN is one of the best and free VPN Chrome Extensions available right now in web stores.

Final Verdict:

Hope you get what you were looking for in this article. All the extensions I have mentioned in this article are 100% safe to use.

However, if you still have any issue about any of the plugins then drop your questions in the comment section of the post.

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