Best 5 Niche Site Ideas You Can Start Working from Today

Why always content matter, that’s not true. So come together will find out the 5 niche site ideas, will genuinely surprise you.

Are you looking for a way to generate passive income via online method, then the website is one of a stable way to do it, but no one gives the assurance of how much time you will have your keywords on the first page.

The sudden arrival of pandemic affects and destroys the whole advertising market and offline business, so in the future, we need to have at least one online business site, which will save us financially if this kind of trouble situation again arrives.

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If you follow the social media influencer or YouTube bloggers, these guys always bombard the same kind of thoughts to you, content, content, and more content.

That’s not true, many of us not good at writing and might be good Spokesperson, and then you can shift your focus to the YouTube or video platform. I am not forcing you to go to YouTube, but video platforms are more effective than blogs.

Even I am not good at speaking like I m a shy person, who doesn’t like to perform in front of the audience, so I m here in the blogging field. I accept that I am not even superior in writing, but I am still trying my best.

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In 2020, you can not wholly rely on blogging, because now the policy and guidelines are rigorous to rank on the first page. The first thing I like to inform you is that you need to have maximum article length in 2000 words :(, that bit scary for me if still, you can pass this criterion. Google algorithms are waiting for you; at some point, you will lose your traffic.

The web world is vast, and we haven’t touched many topics, which will give you huge money in these periods. Many bloggers have their own niche site ideas, which definitely save them in these crises.

You do not need to write content for these niche sites and not even have to build backlinks over time, and these niche sites focused on only one profitable keyword, which helps you drive thousand of users per day. A thousand users is not a low number. Many bloggers still have merely hundreds of page views per day like me.

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If you are not good at writing, you must have coding knowledge to earn a passive income because you need to solve user problems via automated functioning tools. That’s the only way to generate passive income without writing too much content on the website.

Without wasting your time, let’s move to the top 5 niche website ideas you can try in 2020 if you have strong coding knowledge.

Top 5 Niche Site Ideas:

Generator Website Ideas:

Do not confuse in a generator. This sounds weird, I know. There many websites on the internet, which helps you resolve many queries, like password generator (this kind of niche website, actually helps you get strong passwords, which not easy to crack) Random text generator (you can generate your text in multiple languages, or we can say dummy text) Md5 Generator (is a one of the cryptographic message technique which used in socket kind of programming, I m not coding guy πŸ˜€ cant explain you more)

Favicon Generator (as you all aware, favicon is a small piece of logo, or short version logo, situated on the tab of the browser, which works as brand identity in the online world)

XML Sitemap Generator (XML is web coding related element, but thanks to SEO, this thing more understandable and we know why it’s necessary. Every blogger aware of this thing)

QR code Generator (we all know, QR code is a two-dimensional barcode, which is quick responsive and mostly we used in payment transaction)

These are generator niche site ideas. If you know how to code these things, then you don’t need to invest your time in blogging, these websites rank well in Google, without content.

Calculation Niche:

As the name suggests, this niche website helps you solve your mathematical queries online, without manually doing any paperwork. We all have used this kind of online tool website once in life, but we can’t ignore this category. It has a lot of potentials.

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If you don’t know how to explore this niche, if you have back-end knowledge of how the logic loop works, then explores study books, which defiantly gives you ideas to build a unique website without content.

First one is the standard Calculator (we have often used it on mobile, some preferred to an online calculator, some JavaScript functions code are readily available on the internet)

Scientific Calculator (scientific terms mostly searched on google, so it’s your chance to built own Calculator based website, which helps the user to resolve sin, cos, tan related problems)

Fitness Calculators (fitness related metric are massive, and there are millions of searches performed every month in these categories, like BMI calculator, weight calculations, body fat, BMR, etc.)

Financial Calculators (You can find hundreds of ideas on creating a niche website without having too much content, ranging from Mortgage Calculator, Loan Calculator, Interest Rate Calculator, Retirement Calculator, etc.)

All categories do not have much competition, but you can rank if you built a superior website tool.

Niche Site Ideas

Checker Websites:

These are super awesome categories to start in 2020. We have many times fire this kind of query on Google but does not notice the hidden business opportunity inside the online tool website.

Domain Checker (SEO, the field is vast and entirely depends on analysis and monitoring trend. Domain age checker, domain hosting checker, domain blacklist checker, and many more)

SEO tracking (whenever you buy the new domain, you need to check whether it’s on class IP or not. Then code to ratio checker to measure whether the website has enough content. Mozrank, google cache, Alexa rank, SSL checker, etc.) You can try any of the categories to build your next niche website without content, and Google also approves this kind of category tool website for Adsense.

The backlink (backlink) must have a thing for everyone. I always need to make sure that we are associated with our related website, so backlink checker is useful, sites link count checker, broken link checker, reciprocal link checker, etc.)

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Google loves the online tool website. Don’t worry about keywords. These keywords have great CPC, not high, but enough to get you to pay the due bills.

Converter Websites:

Might be your are using any of converter website. There thousand of the site which created and left as it as, so later it can help you earn decent money from it.

Image converter niche website (this website focuses on image mechanism, which means converting the image from png to jpg, jpg to png, webp to jpg, etc.)

Video convert (there many video format available today, so you can convert your video as you like, like mp4 to 3gp, 3gp to HD, etc.)

Audio converter (these works similar as above mentions, you need to create an online script, which helps you convert mp3 to wav, wav to m4a, flcc to Ogg format, etc.)

These above converter niche ideas are super demanding in the online world, and everybody uses it for day to day activities.

Analysis and Monitoring Website:

These are entirely high-end categories, and you need to have more supplement coding language to build your own tools websites in a language like python, JavaScript, Php, SQL, and more.

Worldometer (as we all know, after corona this website has got so much traffic, this site has a beautiful concept, currently shows world population, also corona cases per country, etc.)

Windy (these sites are magnificent and showing much clear data on how our earth atmosphere works, you can create similar kind of website, but it’s a bit tricky)

Backlink checker (There are many tools out there that help us track and monitor our website backlink status, means from which anchor text they attached, from which country my domain is linked and more)

Bottom Line:

I hope you like the top 5 niche site ideas, which definitely worth creating for passive income in 2020. Might you occupy any one of them? Hit the share button if you love the post.

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