Best 26 PPT Submission Sites to Extend Your Marketing Reach

Did you know you can improve your online promotion by sharing a presentation with below mentioned PPT submission sites. Stay tuned for more.

Did you know PPT, is developed by the Microsoft team back in 1987 for the Apple Macintosh, And its first name was the presenter.

What is PPT?

PPT is a professional Software Suite where It is freely available on Microsoft, and we can beautifully create our informational or Graphical Presentation to the slide.

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Did you know 90% of professional online businesses have used PPT for their day-to-day business activities, to show the rising trend of company stocks, display comparison charts of revenue shares, Simplification of the new process, and other software activities, etc.

PPT is the only flexible software suite where we can attach every kind of media in the slides, and that’s completely free.

Features of PPT:

  • PPT is one of the flexible office document suites, where anyone can design presentations quickly, and 3D model images are also supported in your slide.
  • We can use a slide as a notebook, so if you want to mention text information, then it’s ideal for you to craft text in a WordArt.
  • We can add anything on the slide, including text, images, gifs, videos, audios, 3D models, colorful text, tables, etc.
  • If you don’t have any budget for high-end graphical software, then you can alternatively work on Microsoft PowerPoint to make your work at least efficient.
  • You can easily create your business card, marriage card, invitation card with the PowerPoint.
  • Image thumbnail, YouTube thumbnail these are necessary activities we can even complete with Microsoft PowerPoint by just having little knowledge of animation and 3D models.
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How to Edit Via Mobile:

The steps, as mentioned above, ppt are ideal for laptops and desktop users. Still, Microsoft has not put any limitation on PPT software and its end-user, and now we can easily edit a PPT via Microsoft PowerPoint, which is available on Android.

But as we all know, technology and end devices are essential when we handle software, that’s why when we access Microsoft PowerPoint on desktop versus mobile, you will see a massive difference to the many options.

SEO Importance:

As I mentioned above, PPT is the best office document where we can find millions of loyal users in the professional industry. 

PPT is a complete software package where we can beautifully Craft power presentations with drawings, charts, and shapes.

The backbone of the digital marketing industry is a PPT because that’s how we can explain anything visually to our clients.

As a digital marketer, I learned one lesson: “sharing is caring” if you have anything shareable that assures users, then you can share it on third party websites.

PPT submission sites also work in the same way; by sharing our presentation to third party sites, we can get one backlink from the loyal user who is influenced by our presentation.

If you are already on a mission of building backlinks, then PPT sharing is another trending work you can start working on today.

For the backlink purpose, you can mention your website URL in the presentation slide, Because that is visible for both the user and google crawler.

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26+ PPT Submission Sites:

Below, you will find the top 26 PPT submission sites, and along with you can also submit your description and website URL.

WebsitesDomain AuthorityPage Authority


Q) Does the above website charge for sharing ppt?

Ans: No, The sites mentioned above are entirely free and do not have any limitations for sharing documents.

Q) Is it worth sharing PPT on third party websites?

Ans: Absolutely, in the online world, if you are not promoting your product, nobody will reach you, and you will become isolated. So promotion is a must.

Q) Does sharing ppt have more advantages than others?

Ans: Yes, PPT is a visual document where you can design your slide as you also like; you will have numerous options to include and make your presentation more attractive than others as compared to the standard images.

Bottom Line:

There are so many ways to promote your work online free to the world, and PPT submission sites are one of them. Submission is the only straight forward way where we can show Google that we are a consistent publisher. Let me know your thoughts on the post. If you love reading, kindly share this post with your friend and family. 

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