Best 20 Tested Event Submission Sites for Your Next Exhibition

Looking for an effective way to promote your upcoming event, you should check out below event submission sites that will be effective and have a broad audience reach.

An event is the best way to gather the target people in one place, but you have to promote your event in front of the world before that.

Why go the traditional way if we have a handful of useful resources to easily create and promote to the broad audience without paying a single penny.

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Almost 90% of industries who communicate online and get direct feedback from the internet heavily depend on free event submission sites for upcoming news.

No matter which event you are preparing, online or offline like an exhibition, concert, and workshop, these event submission sites are brilliant to accept every event for sign up as you like.

There are many ways you can promote your upcoming event. If you have your team, you can create a small section on your website, or otherwise, a third party social network is the best to catch the targeted groups’ attention.

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Events must be meaningful to make a substantial impact on the users. You can create attractive infographics that represent the Graphical information in a single post, other things you can make a small trailer or an anime clip that can convey the agenda of the event.

How many times do you schedule events? If you think your event is unique and does not organize frequently, then paid campaigns for event marketing you should try.

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What are the Benefits of Event Submission?

  • Events are a free way to promote your business.
  • We can easily target our market’s ideal audience.
  • Offline event sometimes helps you get the attention of business investors.
  • Event and exhibitions help you establish your brand image.
  • An event is a direct approach where you can get straight feedback from the customers.
  • Sometimes you will get a better suggestion for your business with the events.
  • In a short period, you will get a lot of queries from investors and target customers.

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Top 20 Verified Event Submission Sites:

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Facebook Event Submission Process:

Facebook is one of the top social networking sites, and usually, everyone has their identity on Facebook.

Before you go anywhere else, you can try to submit your free event through Facebook. You can create your either personal account or as a business page account to proceed further.

You will see the event option from the left side notification, and you have to click there for the next step.

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Event Submission Facebook

Here you can submit your information to Facebook, which kind of event you are supposed to schedule with Facebook, like online and offline.

facebook event submission

You have to feel other details like the name of your event, the event’s period, and whether you are secretly scheduling this event or open for all.

And the final detail is the same for every event like you have to describe something about the event and update your business logo.

Event Submission Facebook

Yelp Event Submission Process:

Yelp is a highly populated US-based business listing website where you can list your business and easily create your event.

The platform is simple but effective in finding any business worldwide, and you can drop your opinion freely on Yelp business.

If you are looking to promote your event outside of India, then Yelp is a great platform to choose and to promote your event to the international market freely.

You need to create your account first on Yelp, and it does not matter if you are making your business profile or individual profile.

The second step is to navigate to the event option, which will be shown in your account.

In the third step, you will see the numerous categories where you can submit your event there.

yelp event submission
Once you click on a create an event option, you will get your form where you have to feel every necessary detail regarding the event.

yelp event submission
You will see similar information from the beginning of the page as we have filled in a Facebook for the event submission process.

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yelp event submission

And one more thing is you have to submit your business name during event creation, and you can easily submit your event ticket here.
Once you have done the process, it finally clicks to create an event, and the page is ready within a second, and the yelp team does not hold the event under the verification process.

Bottom Line:

I hope you enjoyed the post, the traditional methods to promote your event are costly and need many resources to manage, and now we can easily create events online, and with the help of event submission sites, we can easily promote to the potential market. Let me know what you think about it. If you like the post, please share it with your friends and family members.

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