Best 10 Video Quality Enhancer Software in 2020


It is a fact that you cannot be a good filmmaker or photographer just by using a good camera. Thus, if you do not want to leave behind in the race, you must use some quality video and image enhancer software.

Using software to tone up your images and videos are the need of the hour. So, use this video quality enhancer software and excel in your carrier.

Apart from professional use, you can use this while uploading videos on Facebook or Instagram. It will help you to increase your followers and likes.

Top 10 Video Qualities Enhancer App in 2020:

We are going to enlist the best ten video quality enhancer app available today. If you are looking for the same, then you have landed here on the best page over the internet.

Our list will comprise both paid and unpaid versions for different platforms. All these are the industry leader in their category. Therefore, you can blindly trust them. Therefore, you have to choose the best one as per your requirements.

DVD FAB Enlarger 

DVD FAB Enlarger

Available on Platform: Windows (Offline)

Type: Paid (up to $160 for five videos in a bundle)

Technology: Artificial Intelligence, Tensor Flow, cu DNN, NVIDIA CUDA

It is one of the best video quality enhancers on the list. Incredibly best for transforming the old videos from low-resolution devices into DVD or Blue ray movies.

Instead of queuing up the videos for enhancement, now you can use a bundle of video at a time. You can select five videos in a package to improve their quality.

Transform your childhood videos to a surprising new height and upload them to social media seamlessly. The best part is that it is available for windows at just a low price for a bundle. It may cost you in the range of $79 to $160 for a bundle of five videos.

The DVD FAB Enlarger app uses artificial intelligence for the upscaling of a video.


  •  Enhanced video resolution up to 480 pixels to 1080 pixels
  • You can also add additional detailing to the image.
  • Automatic AI enabled brightness, saturation, and contrast enhancement.
  •  Add external music, watermark, subtitle, or other art & crafts.
  •  Share on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube, directly.
  • The Trail version is also available.
  • Works equally well with the old DVD videos and new videos through mobile or video recorder.
  • Unlimited file size enhancement.

Giga Pixel Video Quality Enhancer

Giga PixelAvailable on the platform: Mac & Windows (Offline & Online)

Type: Paid ($100 for one user)

Technology: AI, Machine Learning, and Image recognition

The Giga Pixel is another gem in the store. It is also one of the best and intelligent video quality enhancer software available. Its quality and enhancement capability stands out from the crowd of tons of video quality enhancer software.

You can edit and improve each frame’s quality manually, as well as just by uploading it on the website. Therefore, through its online service, you will get your work done within minutes without any hassle. It also has automatic face quality up scaling feature.


  • It refines video up to 8K resolution, which entails all the minute details.
  • It has automatic face detection and enhancement
  • Available in free beta version on Windows platform, but with minimal access of features.
  • Equipped with the latest technologies like image recognition and machine learning for high performance.


  • Since it is feature rich, it requires a high system performance machine.
  • It does not have batch conversion
  • Even with the paid version, it has a limitation of file size (<10 GB) for conversion.
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iSize Video Quality Enhancer 

Available on Platform: Online (for all platform)

Type- Paid (as per minutes and content encoding)

Technology- AI & serverless cloud Trans coding

The iSize has fast encoding in comparison to the other artificially intelligent video quality enhancer software. It has a deep and better understanding of different video codec. Therefore, it transforms video precisely with high resolution.

Nevertheless, you should have to keep your budget tight if you are using this video enhancer software. It charges as per minutes of conversion and the amount of audio content encoded through its unique algorithm.

However, due to its features and easy availability, it earns special recommendations from experts. Also, as it is an online application. It is platform-independent too.


  • It is equally useful for enhancing videos and images.
  • Its AI algo and machine learning models convert videos or images faster and accurately sharp.
  • Through serverless cloud computing technology, videos and images can be live on the client devices in real time.
  • It has several video codec options available for converting a variety of videos.
  • It also supports the package conversion of videos.


  • Due to its dynamic pricing, it proves to be costly.
  • It lacks up gradation of hardware.

Adobe Premiere Pro

Wondershare's Filmora Video Editing SoftwareAvailable on Platform: Windows & Mac OS

Type: Paid ($21 / month)

No doubt, the Adobe Premiere Pro video editor is the state of the art software available for video quality enhancement. It would not be an exaggeration to say it is the leader of the market.

Its professional edits options and design are the best for enterprise as well as professional use. Initially, it was Adobe Creative Suite with lots of additional other professional features and video editing. Now you can get Adobe premiere pro separately, specifically designed for video and image edits works.

It is available with monthly as well as yearly subscription plans, ranging from $21 to $250. Its latest version is the amalgamation of all of the previous versions. Therefore, you will get a seamless customer experience. The whole interfaces are fully customizable now; therefore, you can set your own preference as per your choice.


  • Use plugins for removing camera shake, fast motion effects, and slow motion effects.
  • Video quality and its resolution can be improved up to 8K.
  • The completely new set of effects like transition, grading, fading, and auto color detection.
  • Timeline makes video editing tasks very easy and manageable.


  • Complex in nature therefore needs professional skills.
  • Many features come with plugins. Therefore, plugins and extensions to be imported to use them.
  • The pop-up appears while the update process occasionally.

Wondershare’s Filmora Video Editing Software

Wondershare's Filmora Video Editing SoftwareAvailable on Platform: Mac OS & Windows

Type: Paid ($ 40)

Flimora is the product of one of the best software development firms, Wondershare. It has its own separate base in the market.

Filmora is one of the best video quality enhancers as well as editing software for beginners. Initially, you will get eight editing tracks for practice. And, believe me, those are good enough for a newbie. Therefore, you just need to keep working with it. Your learning curve will improve, consequently, within two to three months.

All of its interfaces available on the front screen itself, which is very convenient to use. Although they do not have options for advanced editing, its basic features are just mind blowing. It can complete your task quickly and straightforwardly.

It comes with more than 300 effects of edits. Ranging from chroma key, motion path, screen recorder, transition, and hue to blur effect. You can easily convert low-resolution videos into surprisingly optimized high-resolution videos within no time.If you were using its free version, it would have a watermark on the videos. However, you can easily purchase a premium version to get rid of it.

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  • High enhancement of images, audio, and color, along with videos.
  • Makes shaky videos stable.
  • Noise reduction features.
  • More than 300 edits effects are available.
  • Low price
  • Easy to use


  • Do not have 360 panoramic effects.
  • Takes time to export videos after editing.
  • It also lacks options for pro editing and enhancement.

Light Works

Light WorksAvailable on platform: Linux, Mac OS & Windows

Type: Paid ($25/month)

There is a saying in the market about Light works that it is a customizable underdog. Moreover, as far as my opinion is concerned, it is true. Because no video enhancer and editor software are available in the market with interfaces as customizable as Light works have. Still, it has not been appreciated as much it deserves. That is why it is underdog too.

Professional filmmakers and videographers use it optimally. Besides, you can easily share your high-quality video on social media websites after edits with its smart sharing features.

Consequently, you will see a surprising flux of likes and followers over Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.


  • Supports video resolution up to 4K.
  • Comes with several plugins; you can also use Adobe features via plugins.
  • Chroma keys and keyframe effects.
  • Video routing feature
  • Drag and drop feature to manage contents.
  • Customizable keyboard shortcuts.


  •  Learning curve available for beginners only.
  •  A lot of plugins are difficult to use.

In Shot Video Quality Enhancer 

In shotAvailable on the platform: Android & iOS

Type: Free

In shot is one of the best free video quality enhancers and editing apps available on the app store of Android and iOS. It is incredibly popular and appreciated by social media lovers. You can enhance and edit your video freely within no time.

It has too many video and image editing effects that can make your video like DSLR video, and you can brag these among your friends.

However, it comes with a watermark for the free version. Hence, it would be best if you got rid of the watermark by purchasing the paid version.


  • User-friendly mobile interface.
  • Enhance video, audio, and images through a single application on mobile.
  • Tons of edits features like trim merge clips, panoramic views, water effects, etc.
  • Filters, texts, and music can be added to the videos.
  •  Adjustable video speed.


  • Frequent pop ups may irritate you.
  • Watermark in the free version of the application.

YouTube Video Editor

YouTube Video EditorAvailable on platform: online (on all platforms)

Type: Free

YouTube video editor is the best video quality enhancer and editor software for YouTubers. It is a handy tool for people who upload their videos on YouTube regularly.

It is a product of technology giant Google because YouTube falls under the aegis of Google. YouTube video editor is an online editor that allows you to use its primary feature of editing to upload your video on their platform. However, you also purchase its premium version to use its optimum features and make your videos better than ever.


  • Video stabilization feature to improve video quality
  • Automatic color and brightness adjustment
  • Blur removing feature from the face.
  • Slow motion, fast forward, as well as loop effects
  • Tons of filters


  • The free version lacks the majority of features.

Enlight Videoleap 

Available on platform: iOS

Type: Free & Paid both

The Enlight Videoleap app is a good pick for iOS users for video editing and enhancement. Its interface is user friendly and easy to use, therefore making it the best video quality enhancer app for novices.

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You can edit your video with its heavily built professional edits features. Along with its free version, it has a premium version available for professional, challenging, as well as creative uses.


  • It can improve video quality up to 1080 resolutions.
  • Several built-in features like a mirror, trim, and flip, split in order to transform videos.
  • Automatic color and brightness adjustment.
  • Images, text, as well as several video transition effects, are available.
  • You can add content in your stock to start with a new project.
  • Easy to manage


  • Limited features in free version

Forensic Video Cleaner

Available on platform: Windows

Type: Free (Open Source)

Forensic video cleaner is one of the most influential and most dynamic video quality enhancer software. Due to its several features and heavily built packages, it is widely used by many law enforcement agencies and forensic experts across the globe.

Surprisingly, the best part is that it is available as an open source on the internet.


  • It can upscale videos and images via resolution.
  • Automatic adjustment of color tone, brightness, artifacts, along with hotspots.
  • Motion reduction from the videos, consequently you will get more stable video.
  • Fix VHD recordings as well as discard bad frames from the videos.


  • Little bit slower
  • Tricky to use for a nontechnical user


  • Why should I use the video quality improver app?

It would be best if you used these applications to make your videos more appealing. Using a video quality enhancer application is also the need of the hour. Today almost every professional uses these to improve the quality of their videos. Therefore, if you do not want to leave, you must use a video quality enhancer app to survive in the throat cut competitive world.

  • How can I improve the video quality of an old phone?

You can use good video quality enhancer software like Adobe Premium Pro in order to improve old devices’ video quality. You will be able to improve your video resolution up to 1080 pixels.

  • What to look for in a video quality enhancer app?

First, you should look at whether the application is fulfilling your requirement. It would be best to look for standard video resolution, frame speed, color density of the end video, etc. A good video quality enhancer app can support video resolution enhancement up to 8K pixels.

  • How to fix up focus in a video?

You can fix out of focus videos using video quality enhancer software like Adobe Premiere Pro. Nevertheless, the improvement will likely be low if you have shot your video in soft focus. The best solution to this problem is to ensure your camera setting or lens for better focus so that the issue would not occur.


Therefore, it is all about the best video quality enhancer software to use in 2020. All of the above software is highly appreciated, and the pole position bearer in the market. Therefore, you can choose any of the above video quality enhancer app as per your requirements.

However, it is a suggestion from my side that, if you are a beginner, then better start with some free software. Try to sharp up your editing skill, and then move towards premium application if you need.

Do not forget to share your opinion about your video quality enhancer application below in the comment box.

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