Secure Your Online Business before it Destroyed by Intruders

Today, I m going to covered a new topic in my blog, as online marketer I always keen for new information. How you can secure you online business?

HTTPS (Secure Shell)

Secure + HyperText Transfer Protocol

In today’s fast-moving world, everyone wishes to secure online business protocols or systems. Yes, obviously that’s true. So, why we can’t protect our online business.

Yes, I will explain you how you can secure your online business.

secure online business

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Google Removed 700,000 Malicious and Unknown Android Apps from Mobile App Store in 2017

One day on the play store I was looking for my app, but I didn’t  get this app, so exactly what’s going on play store, everyone knows play store is Google’s property, so it’s not gone be hacked or attacked, then I try to search o the internet, is this any update from play store, yes

Name of this updates is [LastPass Unaffected]

Google Play Update

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YouTube Views Drastically Improve by Malicious Chrome Extensions

YouTube Views drastically improves by malicious chrome extensions

At time, I was roaming around different website, I found an interesting YouTube news. A new Google chrome extension, which was recently came into existence named as Tiempo en Colombia en vivo, this is actually malware extension, basically translates a weather in Columbia. This malware actually gets noticed by one of the anti-malware software’s firm named as Malwarebytes. The purpose of this extension is to increase YouTube views maliciously, as it was reported by them.

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