Google Announces Link Shortner has to be Shutdown

Recently, Google has announced one of major shut down of its product, named as, (Google URL shortner), we can called it as url condenser, Google want to make better user experience as well developers. On its official blog Google said that, is alive until 13 April after that no one will able to use this service.

google link shortener

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Distributed DOS Attacks Destroy Everything

Today’s topic is very popular,

What is a DDOS attack?

In digital computing world, a DDOS or denial-of-service attack (DoS attack) is one of ruthless cyber-attack, attacker make system or network resources unavailable temporary or disturbing host based services.

denial-of-service attack

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App Store Optimization Maximize Your Revenue

Did you have you won android app, and wish to do seo for android app? then this post is ideal for you.

Most of us already know SEO that is ranking factor for visibility on SERP, when we came to the Android Applications; there is thousands of android application released per day on play store over the worldwide.

From user point of views this no. is too much for them to identify, which application will satisfy their need.

Thats why I have gathered some accepted SEO step for your android app, that will definitely work for you.

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