Best Chrome Extensions for Productivity – Things are Easy to Get Done

best chrome extensions for productivity

Are you in the quest of some best Chrome Extensions? To make you work done in a limited and effective manner? Before we go through the top 10 Google Chrome Extensions for Productivity, let’s first talk about What Are Chrome Extensions? Chrome Extensions are simple but powerful apps created by using different computer languages like … Read more

Best Plagiarism Checker for Research Papers and Academic Theory

best plagiarism checker for research papers

Plagiarism is a big headache for many content creators, bloggers, and digital marketers, especially if you are preparing your research paper or academic theory for which you have taken the internet’s help.  You might face this issue too. The word Plagiarism is derived from the word “plagiarius”, which means kidnapping.  When we relate this term … Read more

7 Kodi Alternatives to Convert TV into Smart Home Theater

Kodi Alternatives

After pandemic many “Production houses” have started releasing their movies on OTT platforms like Netflix,Amazon prime video even some of them have opened their own OTT platforms like HBO Max and LIonsgate Play.  Enjoying these movies on Mobile,Laptop is not giving that theater experience. So, the best way is to convert your smart TV into … Read more

7 Best Sendgrid Alternatives Complete Features and Prices

Sendgrid Alternatives

Are you looking for the best Reliable Sendgrid alternatives for outbound email services? Then this article has some helpful information that can help you to select best among others. Sendgrid was one of the best SMTP providers and transactional email marketing services in the market.  Sendgrid has a wide range of features, from keeping your … Read more