Audio Format EAC3 Not Supported Issue on Mx Players

Are you using MX Player for a better video experience? But sometimes you will stuck on an audio format eac3 not supported issue for high-Resolution videos. Then don’t go anywhere else I will brief here every possibility to resolve eac3 not supported audio issue.

MX Player, an Indian Version, and most demanding video, a live streaming platform that provides Superb and unmatched quality for videos.

Almost everyone has downloaded MX Player to their smartphone and might have many others still have on their smartphone too.

Do you know Why MX Player is Growing? 

MX Player offers offline video playing mode with multiple audio and subtitle supporting features at zero cost.

Currently, the player offers live streaming/live TV/web series, even without any charges; also, you can upload your videos to the MX Player and make money from monetizing it.

Let’s look into why the EAC3 Audio format is not supported for your media, but before we can look at what EAC3 and where it comes from?

What is EAC3:

EAC3 Is an enhanced version of AC3 audio, And it’s a wholly compressed format, which is the use for the Dolby And higher and digital devices.

If you have any media which is super clear, that means the media has produced for high-resolution devices, and In general, the MX Player is an Android video application, so if you really want to play media to the MX Player, then you need to convert your file or follow the step which is shown below.

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Mx Player Supported Sound:

MX Player is one of the Indian’s favorite video applications that supports low to high-resolution video in offline mode.

As you know, the audio and video are both separate files, and when you are watching media, the two files are streaming simultaneously; for a better experience, the merging must be parallel and equal. If it’s not similar to the video, then you might face a horrible viewing experience.

The following mentioned words are the audio format which we usually use on Android devices, which vary from Android version to version. MX Player supports many of them.


Why Audio Format EAC3 Not Supported

Basically, when we look into the audio format, Almost every media file has associated with either MP3 or wav format.

We can do one hack with the MX Player to play Media, which has EAC3; follow the below steps to resolve.

Some guys on the internet will advise you to download an older version of MX Player, but that does not work as per my experience.

Before you go into the settings, first download the MX AIO zip version file from the internet; this is the primary file that supports Digital audio.

First of all, open your MX player, then navigate to the setting, there you will see the Decoder option, click on it.

audio format eac3 not supported

After clicking on it, you will have numerous options on the screen. Just scroll down to the end of the page, there you will see a custom Codec option; just click on it.

audio format eac3 not supported

Then your local file system will be loaded on your screen, select the downloaded file named mx_aio zip select, and MX Player will load the file, and it will restart automatically.

audio format eac3 not supported

Here’s what happened with mine MX Player; I guess many of them have experienced the same, but then I researched the internet, but I did not get any satisfactory answer; that’s why I decided to write a post on this topic.

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My MX Player tells me to download a higher version of the neon file; I don’t know; something looks different than I have seen on the internet.

audio format eac3 not supported

After a lot of research and the setting, it wastes so much time, then finally, I have decided to download another video player that supports Dolby and digital sounds.

Then I found a VLC media player for Android; as we all know, VLC primarily made for computers so that they might support digital sound, so let’s give it a try. and it finally works.

I am not here to promote the VLC media player, the first name came into my mind, and that’s why I have downloaded it from Play Store; you will have numerous options; you can try any other player which support EAC3 audio.

Bottom Line:

I have explained everything to resolve audio format eac3 not supported the issue. Let me know which trick will work for you if you try something new that I haven’t mentioned here. if you found this post helpful, then kindly share it with your friends and family

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