Artificial Intelligence beyond Human Expectation!!!

Like, another day, i just browsing over the different website, looking for more some information, then I found programmatic chat menu, which delivers continuously message to me, first I thought that was real person, try to engage me on website, but I observed when I visit that website through multiple page, it keeps following me, then I decided to find this thing. Lets started for new topic, not new exactly, but unseen.

We are entering the new era of technologies that will completely the changes in the 1990s systems, when the internet rebuilds the world forever.  New technology completely replaces the old traditional system, where we live, treat, play with internet. This technology specially designed to change the online marketing and consumer behavior with product and services.

Interacting web interfaces having different program that captures the user intention with search queries this is invisible tracking system, based on user inputs and interaction. Some of them are chatbot, virtual assistance and botnik.

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Chatbots: Chatbots are the initial transformation of interactive web. Its Completely text based computer program, this chatbots using an AI(Artificial Intelligence) to interact with audience.

Chatbots are simple text based algorithmic program, purposely grow the banding of product or services along with engaging customer experience.

They are simply human replacing machine learning algorithm, which provides solution to customers or trouble shoot activity, before interacting with real human.                                           

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Is Really chatbot’s existence worth?


Cost savings: Obviously, this machine purposely came to existence to save the time of both users and employees, once you trained this program, that will give nearly satisfying solution to the costumer’s queries.

Visibility: Easiest way to find them on is a social platform like, whatsapp. They are everywhere where user moves to different location on website or application. 

Virtual Assistants:As we already know virtual help provided by google, named as google assistant android based application, as like apple, SIRI program already build on phone to answer the queries generated by uses and many other Amazon’s alexa, Microsoft’s Cortana. They able to use voice as the primary web interface to search the web and get result to everyday questions. Voice interaction reduces the use of hands and eye for browsing, this really helpful, while you are busy on driving, cooking working etc.

For example, the new Amazon Echo Show uses of voice-enabled Alexa to begin web activity and integrates voice enabled video for better conversations, remotely access online learning and entertainment.

Virtual Assistants Services

Virtual assistants are quickly evolving to provide more capabilities and value to users. Voice reorganization technology will improve by the time to get deeper business fault and user priorities.

Botnik: There are many ways to interact on the online web beyond virtual assistant and chatbots on the horizon. Jeff Pulver, futurist and founder of the future of the conversational web conference MoNage, identify the chatbot is limited and botnik to cover all conversational interfaces such as biometrics , voice, virtual reality, augmented reality and some other forms of reality yet to be defined.

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Botnik, which launched last year, was one of nine early-stage startups that recently participated in the first-ever Alexa Accelerator. Companies nearly spent three months to build B2B and B2C technologies that involves with Alexa, machine learning-powered voice platform and Amazon’s popular artificial intelligence.

Conclusion: That is evolution of technology in 2000th century and no one will live without of them, its like human is already adapted machine and lost their natural existence.


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