7 Kodi Alternatives to Convert TV into Smart Home Theater

After pandemic many “Production houses” have started releasing their movies on OTT platforms like Netflix,Amazon prime video even some of them have opened their own OTT platforms like HBO Max and LIonsgate Play. 

Enjoying these movies on Mobile,Laptop is not giving that theater experience.

So, the best way is to convert your smart TV into a smart home theater. And here enters Kodi, What it does? Well simply, Kodi is a software that will convert your smart tv into a smart theater.

But if you are not satisfied with it or you are searching for other options just to try and check which one is better then here are some best alternatives of Kodi for you.

Kodi is more mentally demanding when it comes to user experience, it is more like DIY (Do it yourself) and then learn all about it yourself. So, here is the top 7 list for Kodi alternatives in 2021.

Note that all these alternatives are absolutely free and almost support almost all platforms.

7 Best Kodi Alternatives


For a very long time, Plex has been one of the biggest rivalries for Kodi in this sector. One of the biggest advantages of using Plex is that it is client-server-based software so it will let you play your stored media to other connected devices.

Plex can also perform well in low-end PCs. It supports the same number of add-ons as Kodi does so there is no need to worry about your favorite streaming platform. Plex also gives you the ability to stream one media at the same time on multiple other devices.

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Some of the other handful features of Plex are parental control,better file management,different media format support,unlimited storage and much more.

Plex is almost available for all platforms like Windows ,MacOS,Linux,IOS,Android,Android TV,Roku,Chromecast,Xbox,Playstation,Fire tv.

2.Media Portal

Media portal is another open source media player.Currently there are two versions of Media Portal available on the internet named Media Portal 1 and Media Portal 2. Media Portal 1 is older and more stable than 2.

It is basically famous for its offline media playing capacity it supports almost everything like TV, DVD-players, BluRays. It also lets you to organize media according to your way. You can easily use it for watching TV shows, listing music, radio.

Unfortunately Media Portal is currently only available for Windows and not for other platforms,and Media Portal 2 is still under development.


Emby is media streaming software.It offers you a lot more new features plus many older ones.

Emby has great interference and is very easy to customize. Emby offers almost all features like others like TV shows and movies but on top of that Emby also offers Live streaming TV, DVR(Digital Video Recorder) manager, cloud, and mobile syncing.

It also offers almost all Plex features like parental controlling, media manager, etc. But the most best and unique thing about Emby is on top off all add-ons. Emby also provides a “Kodi add-on” which gives Emby a similar UI as Kodi. Not to forget that Emby is also a client-server-based software.

It is also available for almost all platforms for all pc and mobile os plus it is also available on Roku,Android TV, Chromecast,Xbox,Playstation.Fire tv.

4.Semper Media Center (SPMC)

Semper Media Center is developed by one of the Kodi developers. It is similar to Kodi when it comes to features and user interface, basically, SPMC is a clone of Kodi. Kodi users will use SPMC very easily. The only reason why it is famous and used is because its app is more compatible on android than Kodi.

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5.Open Source Media Center (OSMC)

OSMC has the most beautiful user interface on this list. It has a more similar UI like modern days smart tv have. Having a Kodi alternative it is also an open source free media streaming service. Having an open source software many developers works to improve it so, OSMC users receives updates more regularly than others.

OSMC supports a large quality of media formats. It also allows you to manage your favorite TV shows, movies, music, photos. Besides these similar features like Kido and others have OSMC also gives users its own app store so, they can try different types of add-ons and plugins.

It is only available on Windows, raspberry Pi, Mac OS, Apple TV.


Stremio is like Kodi but with some extra features, like giving updates about your new episodes of your favourite TV shows, recommending new and trending movies,YouTube channels. 

It allows you to stream movies and shows directly from OTT platforms like Netflix but it also allows you to stream movies from torrent sites.

With such a feature like this you don’t even need to have a Netflix subscription to enjoy Netflix shows it will simply stream it from Torrent. 

Also, it will keep notifying you all time which is the latest movies and so available on torrent. you can even watch those movies which is only limited to cinema halls.

It is available on most of the popular platforms like Windows, MacOS, Linux, Raspberry Pi, Android, iOS.

7.Universal Media Server

Last but not least we have Universal Media Server. It is also a media streaming software. It also lets you enjoy your favorite TV shows and movies.

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But one of the biggest feature which make it different is that it supports those device which is not even “DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance)” certified devices.

When it comes to UI it has very simple yet very effective design.another useful feature is set when you don’t have a good internet speed it automatically adjusts the bitrate of the video. It also gives you support for subtitles.

To make UMS work on your PC you need to install Java on your PC otherwise it will not work.

It is available on all PC OS like Windows, Mac and Linux.

Some Other Kodi Alternatives

If you want to try other alternatives of Kodi here are some but most of them either contain similar functions like kodi or may contain some less functions. Some of them are

TVersity Media Server (popular for TV basically)

Serviio (almost similar to UMS)

MediaPortal 2 (still in early phase)


So here are the top 7 best alternatives for Kodi in 2021. Based on your requirements now you can easily choose which one is best for you.

So far I have tried to conclude every single detail I could,but still if I forgot to mention something important just let me know in the comments. 

Also which one is your favorite alternative comment down and let us know.

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