7 Best Travel Package Website like Expedia for Booking Vacation

Traveling to exotic locations and getting exclusive decor and a world-class experience has always been on our radar for the shelf of our memories. But after Expedia, there are many websites available for your knowledge to give you a better experience. 

If you are Traveller or not, these sites can surely help you get better whether you have short or long term packages. Expedia competitors are all over the place, but we have listed the best 7 for your convenience to choose and make it better with every travel experience. 

Travelling has always been in a bucket list of many people and travelling the world. But with all that hustle, it becomes nearly impossible for the people to travel and get the experience worth every investment of your money. 

Even if you are occasionally traveling, it becomes crucial for you to have a great experience to plan your other destination soon, so here we have listed the top 7 sites for your exceptional journey.

7 Website Like Expedia:


It is one of the competitors which is very famous for having the celebrity as their brand ambassador. It has many unique features to make it different from other Expedia. Priceline is often called the eBay of travel booking websites, as it allows the user to bid on some travel accommodation bookings. 

In signature and the name of your price, a program that will enable you to pay as per your convenience, be careful with the companies’ accommodation in times they don’t go below the above rates. 

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So always make sure you have a perfect decision whether you are going for a personal or a professional trip. 

Priceline has a profound rate to give you convenience in various travel packages for the exotic travel location that you are finding in your current journey very much soon. Priceline stands to be your pocket-friendly partner in every travel need of your strange travelling experience.

Orbitz :- 

It is a similar website like Expedia, and it allows the booking of travel accommodations for an airline, flights, car rentals, cruises and vacation packages are part of the rewards program that can help you to earn Orbucks an on-site currency which you can use towards the price you pay for the hotel bookings. 

It has also inculcated the price guarantee system so that if you find the better prices than Orbitz, they will give you Orbucks equal to the difference in price on the same accommodation plus a little bit different and extra.


Tripadvisor is associated with a website where you can rent the properties from owners, which means you can book from the property owners. 

In this method, you can technically save a lot of money over the websites’ traditional booking. It has over 30,000 property listings in over 1100 cities worldwide. 

So there is something in every travel they desire as they even offer 5000 booking deals per day in Flipkey. There are no frauds involved in the property, so you do not take any risks.

Hotwire :- 

If you are not a travel junkie, then Hotwire is just for your occasional travel as they save half of your money as you can try pocket-friendly travel accommodations. 

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It means that you can get the total at low prices, but they don’t specify your travel’s exact details until you finish and one can’t cancel the booking itself. One has to do fundamental research more before booking with Hotwire.

Booking.com :-

It is one of the biggest competitors and only focuses on Hotel bookings. As it has a much larger base of hotels with over 6,50,000 properties, have already partnered with them. 

It has the interface of over 41 languages with no booking fees while accommodation with no booking fees and has an easy to use application and self serve customer service for changing anytime booking details it becomes the way to much easier for the people out there to get accustomed with booking.com.


A name that is well known due to its world-class advertisement, which gives a guarantee of the lowest prices, and it is one of the biggest competitors of Expedia. They do the compiling of the major booking websites. 

Trivago compares the prices from different websites, even if they are not lowest. It gives the best value addition from the highest to lowest pricing hotels. It provides an easy filter to combat every detail. The helping hand of trivago helps you fight your time of surfing through various sites and helps you give proforma of multiple sites in one platform.

Hotels.com :-

The name itself suggests giving you a clear picture of finding hotels in various cities all over the world itself. If you don’t have a more excellent knowledge of where to find a great hotel in the town that is very much new to you, this site is best for you. 

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Hotel.com also has access to the rewards programme that offers all the additional discounts and deals: free nights stay or a great discount on your respective stay. Hotels.com is an excellent offer value for the people who are only finding a right staying place as you have already selected the package.


The above mentioned seven websites can become the best Travel destination guide of yours in various ways as it can fulfil multiple needs to accommodate your best experience. 

The list starts with Priceline and ends with hotels.com, which can be your full package traveling partner at different discounted prices and filters that are minute with every search of yours. 

The smooth sailing of your journey becomes very clear with the conclusion that one can easily survive with various websites and even without Expedia.

Hope you found this article on Top 7 Best Travel Package Website like Expedia For Booking Vacation helpful for you.

If you still have any doubts then don’t forget to ping me in the comment section of this blog post so that I can help you out.

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