7 Best Sendgrid Alternatives Complete Features and Prices

Are you looking for the best Reliable Sendgrid alternatives for outbound email services? Then this article has some helpful information that can help you to select best among others.

Sendgrid was one of the best SMTP providers and transactional email marketing services in the market. 

Sendgrid has a wide range of features, from keeping your emails under control to ensure better workflow and avoid unnecessary headaches. But due to its hefty pricing offers, its legacy is fading away.

Sendgrid is an email marketing cloud-based platform that supports Outbound marketing and secures a good stock of marketing automation and creative tools, allowing customers to get full control of their emails right from the applications.

Suppose you are looking for affordable services which allow you to send bulk emails, transaction emails, notifications, and more. Then consider these Seven reliable Sendgrid Alternatives. 

Furthermore, most of the SMTP services are limited to send bulk emails and are capable of providing dedicated IP, SMTP API, real-time analytics, and contact segmentation so that you can prioritize the different needs in your business with one click.

Here you will find about the seven reliable Sendgrid Alternatives which offer unlimited plans, and some of them are free.

Best Sendgrid Alternatives :

SendiBlue SMTP:

SendinBlue is an exceptional alternative for email marketing and email services solutions. This email marketing platform offers different marketing campaigns, from social media marketing to creating your marketing dashboard marketing template.

You can manage various transaction emails and store them in one place with its powerful Customer relationship management (CRM) tool. It also allows you to create a dedicated IP address. 

This Sendgrid Alternative features include real-time analytics, email open rate reports, SMS marketing ability, traditional SMTP settings, API documentation, and the SendinBlue PHP Library to integrate this SMTP service.

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SendinBlue has three plans according to its categories. It also offers a free plan which the user can use to send 9000 emails per month to unlimited users. The basic plans cost $25 per month.


Pepipost is one of the affordable SMTP and Email API services. More than 20,000 brands use this transactional email service. 

It has built-in Artificial intelligence and SMTP, which keeps full track of Inbox newsletters, email delivery, promotional emails, bounce rates and notifies you of unsubscriptions taken by the users.

This email marketing service integrates with website builders like WordPress to send 1000s of emails quickly. It provides a secure platform to send confidential emails. 

It manages your domains and users in saving a single dashboard with its account management system. It costs half of Sendgrid’s to send emails. It offers real-time statistics for email delivery, bounce rate. 

It also supports 24/7 chat to fix every single email delivery. These are the features of the Pepipost.

It has been termed out to be the best Sendgrid Alternative for a secure email delivery solution.

The pricing feature allows you to pay for the services you use. For 30 days, 30,000 emails are free. For the 150,000 emails, the pricing plans start at $25.


Mailgun is a cloud-based SMTP service that allows you to send both transactional and marketing emails, shipping notifications, and more. It has an API built-in which allows it to keep track of deliveries, unsubscribes, and clicks. It also has advanced email validation to increase your conversions. It allows you to authenticate your domain name through DMARC, SPF, DKIM records.

The pricing plan of Mailgun has four plans which consist of concept, production, Scale, Enterprise plan. You can go as per your choice. The initial plan costs $5, which allows delivering up to 10,000 emails and 100 email validations per month.

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Amazon SES:

Amazon Simple Email Service is a scalable SMTP transactional service for app developers and digital marketers for sending marketing, notification emails. 

It has a robust API that allows users to use the SMTP interface or an AWS SDK to integrate Amazon SES directly into the application.

Amazon SES is one of the best Sendgrid alternatives. It offers dedicated IP addresses, email statistics, anti-spam feedback, conducts different marketing campaigns to target bulk audiences, and more.

The pricing plan comes with a complex price calculator where you can deliver the number of emails to be delivered in a month to find out about their estimated cost.


People who are looking to deliver responsive emails. Then MailJet is the best Sendgrid Alternative. Just like Sendgrid, it allows connecting with the customers through SMS. To create beautiful emails, it comes from the email builder in a few clicks.

To manage the communication strategy for the team, it provides an entire account. Some of the features include live monitoring on email traffic, tracking advanced metrics such as bounces, delivery delay, unsubscribes, etc.

Through their SMTP service, it allows the creation of a separate contact list to target emails. It allows you to store user information in customized backend sections.

The pricing plan allows free solutions to send up to 200/day emails and 6000/month. The paid plan starts at $9.65 per month or annually with no daily sending limit.


It is an all-in-one email marketing solution for businesses and corporates. It supports and has vital documentation to understand the email delivery system. 

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It includes impressive features such as advanced list segmentation, analytics, and a campaign editor, which allows the user to send emails quickly and increase the email traffic.

It offers advanced built-in automation templates and workflow builders, which allow the users to create and design unique newsletters and transactional emails.

The pricing plan comes with a free plan. But you will have to pay for the SMTP server. The lite plan, which includes the SMTP server, starts at $8 per month.


Mailchimp is the most powerful and popular marketing service provided by all the Sendgrid Alternatives. Mandrill is the add-ons to MailChimp, which allows you to send transactional emails in bulk without any hassle at a specific task.

It is the best choice for small businesses. It is well suited for E-commerce shops, Web applications, personal blogs, etc., where you can send personalized one-to-one emails with flexible and automated delivery.

This SMTP service holds a secure position in server places across the globe. It also has A/B testing options, custom tagging, scalable analytics, etc., making it an excellent alternative to Sendgrid.

The pricing plan comes with a free version for beginners. The basic plans start at $9. 99 per month.


While Sendgrid provides various features that are the top best, these Sendgrid Alternatives are no less than anything as each alternative has more options and features that can suit your business according to your budget. 

I suggest you should try the one which can fulfill all your email marketing services criteria.

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