7 Best Free Gallery Plugin for WordPress in 2021 (Complete Features)

Photos may enhance the engagement of your WordPress site.

 According to successful bloggers and website creators, pictures are included in the website, increasing the chances that people will stick to it, and view the content for more extended periods.

There is a famous saying that “A picture may worth more than a thousand words”. 

Therefore to make your content more presentative with organized photos, you required better gallery plugins to provide premium visual features to your website. 

To fulfil this need for gallery plugins, we gathered some of the best free gallery plugin for WordPress that is compatible with the most excellent and presentable look to your website.

Now without any delay, let’s get started with our top best free gallery plugin WordPress.

7 Best Free Gallery Plugin for WordPress

1. NextGen gallery:

It is one of the most used gallery plugins crafted by Imagely’s experts; NextGEN covers virtually everything you need to present your pictures. The plugin is excellent for both professional and beginner bloggers.

NextGEN gallery plugin also includes the premium version for more personalized options. The fundamental aspect of this plugin includes two display modes and two styles of albums (compact and extended). 

But the extended gallery and album option is included in each premium edition. It also gives you full support for the developer means you can add up additional personalized features in this plugin. The latest update of this plugin also adds features for e-commerce.

Key Features of the NextGEN Gallery plugin:

  • It provides four diverse gallery types.
  • It also has E-commerce capabilities.
  • The plugin comes with the Picture Watermark feature.
  • The main feature is that it provides versatile capabilities to customize.

2. Envira Photo gallery

Another great and free photo gallery plugin that use by most bloggers, photographers, or small businesses use for sharing their works and products. 

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User-friendly working is probably one of the incredible features of this plugin that attracts most of the users. It also provides ease with a user-friendly option of drag and drops images. The key feature is that the Envira Gallery has video gallery choices as well.

To quickly share your images with followers, Envira Gallery also has social media integration. Compatible with WooCommerce, it makes it easier for users to put their pictures on other sites and purchase content from your online shop.

Moreover, Galleries will also provide password protection and watermarks.

Key Features of the Envira Photo Gallery plugin:

  • It is compatible with woo-commerce
  • Add password protection and watermarks
  • It has a very user-friendly interface.
  • Additional features like full-screen slideshows, mode lightbox, etc.
  • It also supports a video gallery along with pictures.

3. Photo Gallery by Sypsystic

Photo Gallery is a popular gallery plugin created by the Supsystic team that has both, a free and a premium edition. 

You can personalize your free version with links, icons, and HTML-specifications. With this plugin, you can also highlight photos, use multiple border types, add a description, manage thickness, and much more.

Although the free version of this plugin comes with unique and impressive features, if you go for the pro edition, you can even create galleries with paginations and get video gallery options as well. 

Also, in each photo gallery, you can show your business or brand logo.

Among various types of galleries, polaroid gallery is maybe one of the interesting galleries as it looks amazing with every theme.

Key Features of Photo Gallery by Sypsystic plugin:

  • It has a unique option of highlighting the images.
  • It provides different types of border designs that you can select as per your website theme.
  • It also has HTML captions.
  • You can also add a photo description in this plugin.

4. Foo Gallery Plugin:

With this plugin, you can create galleries ready for use on different screen sizes that look awesome. 

Foo Gallery has a collection of options to make it easy and fun to create your gallery. The thing about this plugin is its great floating effects. 

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Also, the image border can be managed, or the ringed corners can be added. You can adjust things like loading icons, loading effects, tags, fluttering effects, etc. 

There is also a Gallery Preview option that allows you to manage your gallery from your customer’s point of view. 

One thing that is not great about this plugin is that it does not contain a watermark feature. So you have to add it additionally by photoshop or with some other software. 

Also, you have to install a special FooBox Lightbox plugin in case you wish to add a lightbox.

Key Features of Foo Gallery Plugin:

  • It provides interactive loading icons.
  • It also has a feature of custom CSS for developers to add personalized features.
  • You also use image borders and rounded corners options.
  • It has an amazing hover effect capability.
  • It provides captions for each picture.

5. Gallery Bank:

This gallery plugin is essential for those who want to manage a larger number of photos with distinctive styles and want to avoid the quantity restrictions that are made by some other plugins. 

Along with unlimited upload of pictures, it gives you the feature of adding single and multiple galleries to a single page using the shortcode technique.

The plugin is free; however, it has its premium version also available with only 30$ annual subscription that enables more than 200 special features. Moreover, it also has a life plan, so you can also consider it. 

Key features of Gallery bank:

  • You can create up to 3 galleries with a free version.
  •  It also has a feature of lightbox and animated sliders.
  • You can also adjust the row, column, and spacing in the gallery.

6. Gmedia Photo Gallery:

Media is one of the vast using gallery plugins because of its versatility in handling all media files at the same time. It means that in a media photo gallery, you can manage galleries with videos and audios at the same time.

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Along with multiple media handling, you can also shift between featured photos quickly by using the tags in the content. 

This option enables extra command and stability over pictures so that you can use them without extra clicks.

Moreover, you can also try several features like set permissions to albums and can go for the premium version for a more user-friendly approach.

Key features of Gmedia photo gallery:

  • Show and manage your photos as galleries or albums.
  • It provides features to create covers.
  • You can also add gallery shortcodes.

7. Modula Photo Gallery:

If you want to get professional-looking gallery management, you can go for this one as this has dozens of advanced features that you can customize without requiring any knowledge of coding skills.

With the module plugin, it is easy to tweak the content of photography or your personalized gallery with a few simple modifications. 

It is compatible with different devices, and you can provide custom dimensions with a bottom dragging feature.

Key features of Modula Photo Gallery:

  • It has six lightbox styles.
  • It provides 12 built-in hover effects with cross-browser features.
  • You can also change and customize photo dimensions.
  • It has a premium version also so if you like the capabilities of this plugin you can upgrade with ease.


These best free gallery plugin WordPress opted based on practically testing out each one between the pile of hundred of thousand free gallery plugins to provide you with maximum results. 

As poor quality plugins decrease website quality and SEO score, so keep in mind to read details mentioned next to each plugin to get a better understanding of the usage of these plugins.

Hope this article helps you to find your WP Gallery Plugin. If you still have any doubts then don’t hesitate to ask me in the comment section

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