5 Trusted Alternative Sites like iwriter for Your Next Project

In this digital day and age the demand of content has seen a great inflation in the market. Various companies now are in demand for great content writers and skills that are creatively brought in the upfront for the people. 

iwriter is such an online platform that connects content writers and clients in a single form. From writing articles and blog posts to giving a guide about how to write and what to do with such talent all the things are available in one platform. 

But if not iwriter which are the options available for us let’s discuss that first..

Top 5 Sites Like Iwriter:


It is one of such sites which is just like iwriter. However they take various tests before considering the writers out there and then the writers get the approval to be on this platform. It is a bit lengthy process but is required for the platform to generate quality content writers. 

They will pay the writers as per their level and word count and their level of achievement and status. It has an availability of service in ordering from a specific writer their own choice of content. 

It is very easy to create instructions in terms of the specific writers in whatever niche the writer is surprisingly writing. In terms of pay you have to pay 2$ for 200 words to the writers you have chosen. Pricing can fluctuate as per your writing skills requirement and availability if the writers.

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Pro Papers:-

If you are finding that one site which is dedicated to all the content writers out there than this is one of those sites. You can get frivolous writers to hire for general and specific content. Dependency will surely be based on the type of content you want them to generate.

This site provides you the need and want of creating a civilized manner of instructions and specifications. You can ask for revisions to the point on which you are specifically satisfied with your content. It has also an option of hiring a specific content writer as per your choice.

The pricing will go as per your topic and niche as well as the type of content and content writer that you desire in that sense. This site provides an ease to writers so anyone who desires to scribble can of course go for the pro papers.


It is considered as one of the reputed sites which brings content writers who do freelancing into a single form. Even if you post a single or several job one can easily choose what instructions to add when the job is actually submitted. One can easily order the written content pieces and can also choose with length and size whether they desire to pick it or not.

The pricing is going to be predicted as per the content type, length and also the writer which we basically choose to hire. In freelancer what takes place is a bidding system which is the flat rate at which the content writer desires to work.

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So you have to go back with writers for the pricing that you have ascertained after which you can sustain your work has been finished. Freelancer is largely used by many individuals who want to proceed freelance content writing in general people are pleased to process the writing and the finished product is submitted at last.


It is a site just like iwriter but as the name supposingly says it is segregated into list based content writing which enables the searcher to hire the content writer more specifically and correctly with the listverse.

You can hire the writer of your own choice and with the ability of the content written by them you have a frivolous number of choices as per your demands and choices that you compare. It gives flexibility to the people to post the job as per their convenience. The posting of jobs is very much easy and straightforward in that sense. 

The pricing is quite a simple procedure in terms of Listverse you can PayPal upto $100 for the content. The list of pieces is completed with the approval and listed as well it is a very small process and easy as well.

Hire writers:-

A site that actually resembles like iWriter is this Hire writers. They have done it in a very simple way but we need to indulge into fewer writers. As that much platform is not known you can’t find the great options as prescribed above the options automatically remain lesser than previous ones actually at many times. But in the work capacity it still remains the same as the previous platforms.

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The site layout is very much identical to the iWriter platform but still some issues keep on observing in many factors possible. The project listing is actually a simple procedure. Like iWriter it is similar one can list their project as per the requirements. 

The pricing issue is quite simply solved by Hire writers as the fewer number of followers and jobs you can hire the write up for as little as $2 from the requester. It will not be a convenient option for an experienced writer but for newbies it will be quite a worth it experience for their better future.


The derivation of the better content is a necessity nowadays in this digital era and the platforms actually help in relinquishing all your thoughts in a middle range possible. Online platforms help in making the connection of people who are in need and the people who desire to opt for such platforms in terms of being a writer. 

iWriter of course helps in providing a wide insight to the writers and for persons in need but there are also emerging frivolous options available in the market. The derivative of applying in a better and giving an environment for writers can be a great initiative for everyone possible. The top 5 listed above helps in driving the best result possible.

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