5 Most Expensive Laptop Exists in World by Their Configuration

Today, we are going to travel in the tech world, where we can find the most expensive laptop, which exists across the globe.

Yes, as of 2020, we already have a personalized computer or laptop for work or gaming, that’s another thing of laptop classification.

How we purchased our laptop? Either by word to word recommendation or online reviews (that’s a big part of reputation management)

There are so many laptops exist which have unimaginable features, which primarily start from the processor, Ram, Rom, Graphics, etc.

Still, I don’t have any laptop, and I loved my customized computer, which has i3, 8gb Ram, and Windows 7 (I know its windows stop this os).

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Why laptops are costly than a personal computer, bcoz of first its size and free from wire connection, usually lithium battery helps to gives 7 hrs of stand by light.

I have done lots of research to deeply bifurcate which one is most expensive on the internet today in 2020. The price of a laptop usually occurs in a standard unit, which no other can cross, but attaching some valuable assets on the laptop makes them so expensive, Yes you heard right. That’s a diamond,

As we have seen most viral news regarding cars which has a market value in crores, similarly laptops also built with diamonds, that’s why its price is drastically going up.

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Honestly, I don’t think laptops that have diamonds layer on the surface, does not provide any functionality improvement right? That’s why below mention list only has the most expensive laptop by their configuration, not by the trading assets.

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Top 5 Most Expensive Laptop in World:

Alienware Area 51 m15x

Yes, I have put Alienware area 51 m15x in fifth place. This laptop built with a 9th gen intel core i7 processor. I7 processor was initially launched in 2008 and provided multi-task at the same time without any buffer. Once you place i7 in your system, you will feel the maximum processor frequency of 4.9GHZ, 8 cores with 8 threads deliver super-smooth performance gaming, or other.

The complete package of this laptop was built with a max screen size of 17inch, which has great battery life and includes two graphics to feel the real-world experience.

Entire stealth look and sleek design gives a more attractive appearance to the user, and for more personalized feeling enable the customizable lighting of AlienFX.

I like that it has side border lighting, which is continuously changing, like head logo, and has the same lighting effects.

Does this High performance face any heating issue? Yes, but smart cryo-tech cooling, provides 2x more air ventilation, like desktop, and polymer made blades pull air from the bottom, which ultimately maintains the inside temperature of the core component.

This laptop cost you around $5,000 (in an Indian price its Rs:381261)



Asus one of the oldest and reputed laptop Manufacturer Company and ASUS ROG G703GI is one of the most expensive laptops in 2020, which purely made to gives a super smooth experience.

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Powered by 9th Gen Intel Core i9 processor along with GeForce RTX™ 2080 GPU, which makes this laptop is beast of all.

ASUS ROG G703GI has inbuilt windows 10 (Home ) os, which is for a lifetime, and IPS panel 17-inch screen gives you the wide-angle to analyze complete details and elements.

12V Intelligent Dual-Fan Design fully optimized airflow at the bottom to keeps its core element fresh.

Most of us consider high-end configuration laptops only for gaming. Still, there are so many things that are more or equal more massive to that of game, like SQL software Android Studio, Visual Studio, etc.

This laptop is cost you around $6,500 (in an Indian price its Rs: 5,00000)



MSI (Micro-Star International) is best known for high end and beast laptop maker, I know you have heard might be the first time about this company.

MSI GT83 TITAN-027 is a full HD extreme gaming laptop with a maximum width of the display is 18:4 embed with IPS technology.

This is a super robust built system that works in windows 10 has a touchpad and dual graphics card for high performance.

I like the most thing is this device VR ready, so if you about feel the virtual reality game, then this is ideal for you.

This laptop is cost you around $5,699 (in an Indian price its Rs: 434561)


Stealth MacBook Pro

The MacBook Pro has some impressive features; that’s why I put this on the 2nd place of the most expensive laptop list.

This laptop does have any gold and diamond on it, but still worth buying. We can experience a vibrant color screen made from retina display, which purely works on liquid crystal molecules to provide a sharp and detailed image.

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Stealth MacBook Pro has an intel core I9 processor with eight cores, which gives the flexibility to manage 16 processing threads.

With the supercooling design, this laptop has 2 razor-sharp blades, which works on 12 watts to helps you maintain air pressure and lower heats waves continually.

This laptop is cost you around $6,000 (in an Indian price its Rs: 457513)


Voodoo Envy H171

Voodoo is not a new company but its HP subsidiary, which has an entire focus on building high-end gaming laptops.

Voodoo Envy H171 offers 17-inch widescreen, which has Geforce 7950 GPU and embeds with intel core 2 Extreme x6800 processor; this will give a super-smooth performance.

This laptop supported many hard disks, which means you can put 600GB HDD at the same time, with the help of three slots.

If you like to customize the back of the laptop with the tattoo, or any color, it will cost you more than $1000 (not a confirmed.)

This laptop is cost you around $8,500 (in an Indian price its Rs: 648144)



I hope you like the list of top 5 most expensive laptops in the world, and I have not included a laptop which has attached diamond or any stone. This list purely based on their performance and configuration.

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