5 Best Evite Alternatives to Try for Online Invitation

Do you looking for evite alternatives to send a wish card and invite people to a family function, then this post is for you.

Evite is an online platform since 1998 to help people invite others for function, whether it is a birthday party, family event, bachelor party, etc.

Evite offers clean and intuitive Ui to interact with people without having a face to face meeting.

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At the moment, evite offers a free and paid plan for the invitation card. If you are not comfortable with the website, then you create your card via the android and ios app.

You can not access premium version invitation cards, and you have to enroll for paid plans first.

Once you create your invitation, then you can easily share with your contacts via mail id, but I really wish they should add social profiles too.

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If you wish to add a social profile for the invitation, then sorry, but evite only support mail Id, like Gmail, yahoo mail and AOL, etc.

Top 5 Evite Alternatives:


Punchbowl works specifically as evite, but it offers some unique features that evite failed to offers. Punchbowl is not as popular as evite, but it’s useful to use as evite alternatives.

We can experience unlimited features while designing our invitation card, including text colors, fonts size, footer header sections, stamp, and many more.

It offers a clean dashboard that helps you track guest comments, replies, the status of your invitation, whether accepted or rejected.

Smile Box:

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Smilebox is another beautiful and clean website that offers multi options to invite the guest for the event.

Smilebox offers various options to design your Ecard, including background music, color, and graphics pattern, image, text, and Tracking badge. You can even integrate a map that helps your member navigate for a party location, and you can add some details regarding the event with scheduling time and date with guest reminder features.

You can easily send your invitation card via Facebook and other profiles too, Join today.


Never expect canva in this list, but trust me canva is full fledge and multi-purpose website, which quickly helps you create your online invitation card.

Canva offers complete freedom to the user, who wants to decorate invitation ecard, colors to text, and get everything free in one place. For some special characters, you have to pay canva, just $1.

Once you create your online invitation card, you can distribute it in many ways, including social profiles, emails, pdfs, and many more. One disadvantage is this is not a gift card creation website, canva is for those people who are highly creative and can easily imaging their design.


Anyvite is another beautiful and powerful website that offers excellent features to make your next invitation card free.

This platform is free to use, but with limited features and premium plans, it can customize the look and feel of the Ecard fully.

This website also offers tracking and monitoring features via the dashboard; third party integration also accepted at the user end, including twitter integration, google analytics, etc.

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Purple Trail planners offer complete planning equipment to your next event and are best evite alternatives you can count.

At the moment, the site can create gift cards, daily planning books, guest books like wedding albums, logo, and even physical distribution of gift cards.


I hope you like the list of top 5 evite alternatives that work better and give you complete control of your task. Hit the share if you love the post.

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