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Best 5 Wattpad Alternatives for the Online Readers

Love to use social community websites like Wattpad? Wish to explore a more similar platform? Then check out the top 5 Wattpad alternatives for more social engagement. Wattpad, a beautiful and highly interactive social community platform where you can share, read, and write stories that are accessible to the world. It’s a freemium platform where anyone can easily join and share their thoughts, stories, and books.

The platform is especially suitable for those who love to write and want more engagement on the content/story, without spending too much on promotion. The lower package costs you $5 per month, and another one is around $10 per month. If you are addicted to reading, then I suggest you create your own profile on Wattpad. Without wasting time, let’s look at the below mentioned top 5 alternatives to Wattpad.

Top 5 Wattpad Alternatives:

1. Movellas

Movellas, The best social writing platform for the teenager and youngster, here you can share all of your content in the form of a PDF, eBook, story. The multi-category Android apps of Movellas gives you complete freedom to read and write anything with a single touch.

2. Sweek

Sweek, the intelligent social community platform for readers and writers who loves to share thoughts on the content. Here is your chance to improve your content writing skills, with the help of a small contest that was happening on a sweek website, and the winner gets a prize for the excellent content. Easy to access and available to the mobile, you can read your stories, serial, ebooks whenever you like.

3. Commaful

Commaful, The excellent multimedia sharing library, where you can access thousands of daily stories and content. You can easily get connected with the Commaful ios app, and one such useful feature is you can react to the story and share it with the other platforms.

4. Archiveofourown

Archiveofourown is a nonprofit and open source creative social environment that means you don’t have to pay anything to read. You can easily sign up and share your story, and there you will find a variety of categories to share your content, including fandom, anime, movies, tv shows, books, etc.

5. Medium

With the highly interactive platform and having millions of online readers monthly, anyone can share their stories to get worldwide user’s attention. Medium is the only platform that is available for mobile users and allows creative writers to earn money from their work.

5 Best WordPress Donation Plugin for That You Can Consider

Do you really want to earn some credit for your work or raise a fund to maintain your online presence, then there is one way to raise the money is by having the best WordPress donation plugin for your website. Stay tuned for more. We know millions of websites are currently active and fully functioning on the internet, but not all of them charge from users.

Bloggers and all entrepreneurs who have their setup do not rely on fundraising for donation programs because their income streams vary from user to user. WordPress donation plugin is only for those organizations that want to raise some finance for a particular task and social activity. You cannot ask anyone openly for a money favor; there is less chance you get money from the crowd; nobody wants to pay money for anyone without reason. Right.

The best way to raise money is to set up a fundraising campaign on your website, and with simple steps, anyone can add a donation box on the website.  Instead of generating income, fundraising programs have many potentials to support your nonprofit organization’s financial condition. If you have not ever created your website yet, then before going anywhere else, try WordPress first because it’s fast, almost free, and has the strong support of the open-source community. Creating a nonprofit and charitable website with WordPress is easy, and you will find a lot of WordPress donation plugins that are almost free to use.

Best WordPress Donation Plugin for Website :

1. GiveWP – Donation Plugin and Fundraising Platform

Give wp is the best and most trusted WordPress donation plugin, free for your website, the plugin currently updated with the latest version of WordPress and has more than and 90,000+ activate installations. The plugin is entirely free for the wordpress with a basic version, and there is a paid version that gives complete control over your campaign and customization.

Give wp is the most scalable online donation platform, which has its dashboard to monitor every stats, activity, reports, and more. No hard code requires you to integrate the donation feature for WordPress; a simple shortcode you can easily add any widget/third party plugin.

There are many ways you can collect your funds from the WordPress website. The first one is the ideal way is to get credited directly to the account by the online option, Second thing payment gateway like a PayPal, Third one you can allow your user to send instantly or physically check with the proper instructions. For a more customize and premium look, try the paid version, which is come with the annual package and priority support.

2. WP Fundraising Donation and Crowdfunding Platform

WP Fundraising Donation and Crowdfunding Platform gives WordPress the ability to collect the user’s funds for a particular work. The plugin is entirely free from the WordPress directory and has been updated to the latest version of WordPress, Currently has more than 1,000+ active installations.

You can have multiple ways to raise money from online users, including Stripe and PayPal payment gateway. The plugin gives the ability to quickly integrate with the woocommerce system to set instructions on whether the admin will approve or disapproves of the request.

With WordPress, you can have complete control over the features of WP Fundraising Donation and Crowdfunding plugins; also, element shortcode and plugin page settings make it easy to set up everything within a few clicks.

3. Charitable – Donation Plugin

Collecting a fund might be difficult, but with the charitable donation plugin, you can easily set up everything on your website without extra paying transaction fees. Charitable- Donation Plugin Is a free and powerful donation plugin, it’s completely secure and has been updated with the latest version of WordPress, and the plugin has more than 10,000+ active installations.

The plugin feature ultimately helps you meet your goals, whether you are regularly scheduling the fundraising program or might be a time-sensitive program. You can collect your funds in many ways, including offline and online methods; otherwise, you can integrate with third-party paid add-ons as well. With the plugin’s ultimate features, you can easily customize your email alert notifications as well, from acknowledgment receipt to password notification everything.

4. PayPal Donations

PayPal Donations Is a simple and effective wordpress donation plugin Introduced by the leading payment gateway solutions PayPal. The plugin is handy and has been tested with the latest WordPress version, and has more than 50,000+ active installations.

You cannot customize the donation campaign because it’s a free and open-source version of plugins for everyone and supports multiple languages at a time. If you already have your charity account integrated with PayPal, then within a few clicks, you can quickly complete your fundraising campaign.

5. Donorbox – Free Recurring Donation Form

Donorbox – Free Recurring Donation Form, The full-fledged and powerful money-raising program offered from initial setup to the end notification everything in one place. The plugin comes in a freemium version. It has been successfully tested with the wordpress latest version also installed on more than 7,000+ wordpress websites.

You will have complete control over your donation campaign, including style, font, size, etc. The plugin is convenient and easily integrates with any third-party plugins. Don’t rely on a single payment method; when you are about to raise money from a global market, Donorbox allows you to collect payment in various ways, PayPal, Stripe, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. The plugin is a super-secure and has been widely accepted by charity and nonprofit Organisations worldwide; it also supports various languages.