Recently, Google has announced one of major shut down of its product, named as, (Google URL shortner), Google want to make better user experience as well developers. On its official blog Google said that, is alive until 13 April after that no one will able to use this service.

google link shortener

Instead of that Google introduced two names for the replacement of (Google shortener)



This is the substitute link shortener products very much easy to use. But they aren’t useful for developer or API referral link.

So, Google has decided to shut down its Google link shortner service and make come back with FDL

What is FDL?

FDL is known as firebase dynamic link, this links has introduced invites concept, in technical term named as deep linking, firebase dynamic links has its own advantage , this link easily traceable, as well as same tiny url works on android or ios or desktop.

FDL also provides a console for user to track how many visitors has click on link or you can setup goal in FDL console, real time feature works same as Google analytics, FDL tiny url never lost its session. If you have set a goal at destination of link, whatever app install or survey, this url redirected user correctly. This deep link has invites or reward referral feature.

If you want to use FDL, you have to login in you Google account first, and add new project in FDL first set up phase.

Enjoy 🙂

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