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What is a DDOS attack?

In digital computing world, a DDOS or denial-of-service attack (DoS attack) is one of ruthless cyber-attack, attacker make system or network resources unavailable temporary or disturbing host based services.

denial-of-service attack

Basically, what is happened in ddos attack, attackers creates multiple resources or multi request send continuously to targeted machine to overload system.

In simple networking terms, denial of service means attackers creates multiple data packets and create new request for every packets to the targeted server and at the other end receiver server open the connection and never closed until all packet received (Networking Layers) and that makes system engage with this established connection and if new request is coming it will automatically denied by server, due to unavailable of network nodes.

Run Ping Test to identify Resources has not caught by distributed denial of service attack

In networking world, there was a utility to determine if server or ip available to accept a connection and how much time it will take to reach at destination.

You can run ping test from your CMD panel or Unix CMD panel, type ping and put ip address and in return you will get data packet details and estimated time, this is not exactly data packet, but it’s a empty packet named as ECHO packet, does not containing any data, but destination has to accept this and respond on this.

Distributed Denial of Service

In Distributed denial-of-service (DDOS attack) where an attacker uses many IP addresses to generate multiple requests at a time from multiple locations. Most of time attackers use IP Spoofing techniques, in which this technique is popularly used to gain access to a system or machine without authorized way. With this technique multiple echoes a packet has been generated with false IP address as well as modified header packet.

Application layer attacks

In application layer ddos attacks, an attack happens on layer 7 of OSI model.

Http Post (Distributed Denial of Service Attack)

http post dos attack first identify back in 2009, in this scenario sender change http header packet, content body, time etc. this modified packet contain time limit at extreme low rate 1 byte / 110 seconds. So due to complete packet being received destination, connection remain and wait for entire message to complete, it s really long time till connection remain open. Attackers apply same trick to generate all resources, which leads to engage server connection and that effects on CPU as well as increase bandwidth consumption to handle this. Apache handle request packets up to 2GB in size.

Dos Attack Prevention (Distributed Denial of Service)

Cloudflare is well known company specialized in network security, this act as gateway before establishing connection over the network. If Cloudflare find the data packet error free, then you can proceed to connect, otherwise it will break connection.

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