Month: March 2018

Distributed DOS Attacks Destroy Everything

Today’s topic is very popular,

What is a DDOS attack?

In digital computing world, a DDOS or denial-of-service attack (DoS attack) is one of ruthless cyber-attack, attacker make system or network resources unavailable temporary or disturbing host based services.

denial-of-service attack

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App Store Optimization Maximize Your Revenue

Most of us already know SEO that is ranking factor for visibility on SERP, when we came to the Android Applications; there is thousands of android application released per day on play store over the worldwide. From user point of views this no. is too much for them to identify, which application will satisfy their need.

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Save Your Online Business before it Destroyed by Intruders

Today, I m going to covered a new topic in my blog, as online marketer I always keen for new information.

HTTPS (Secure Shell)

Secure + HyperText Transfer Protocol

In today’s fast moving world, everyone demanding secure life or security. Yes, obviously that’s true. So, why we can’t protect our online business.

Yes, I will explain you online security for your business.


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