10 Top SEMRush Alternatives to Use In 2021 [Free & Paid Overview]

In the world of the internet over million of inputs are fed every minute in the form of websites, products of eCommerce platforms, youtube videos, blogs, articles & music.

Thus the possibility of getting heaped by others are very high unless you are empowered by Wizards of Search Engine optimization like SEMRush.

When SEMRush was started, it came up as a great help by supplying over twenty tools to its users and providing much-needed keywords and many other services. These services by SEMRush used to give them an upper hand over the others. 

But with the fast-changing competition it had seen a headlong fall due to the emergence of many other SEMRush alternatives particularly Ahrefs spellbound its users because of its more friendly user interface and features. 

This tough competition given by SEMRush choices brought the developers of SEMRush on their heels, and now it appears that SEMRush is again coming up with the required modifications.

What Services Have Been Brought to You by SEMRush?

Well, as we said before, SEMRush gives its users an upper hand by keeping their edges sharp. Now let us see how it keeps your edges awake and empower you.

If you are a user of SEMRush you can use it for the following purposes: 

  • Finding keywords that can help you to rank your blog, youtube or article
  • Analyzing the SEO ranking of your page, blog, videos and articles.
  • Giving you a matter of fact ideas regarding your social media presence and engagement level will help you chalk out a plan and boost your strategies for better social media engagement. 
  • Giving insight into your competitors by doing close analysis.
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Some other features to are there that you experience by getting well versed in using SEMRush. But because of its clumsy interface, uncustomized scattered tools, and the progression of time the emergence of many SEMRush alternatives with better experience now SEMRush can’t be called a perfect choice.

Though now there are many SEMRush alternatives, most users have been analyzed in a survey knowing and using only two available options of it, and these two are: 

Moz Pro


The million-dollar question is the other less known but more productive SEMRush alternatives available. Let’s see. Here we go! 

 Top 10 SEMRush Alternatives 

  • Ahrefs
  • Serpstat
  • Ubersuggest
  • Google ads 
  • Mangools
  • Buzzsumo
  • Majestic
  • Long Tail Pro
  • Screaming Frog
  • Moz Pro


Compared to SEMRush, Ahrefs lacks the SMM and advertising features of SEMRush.

But Ahrefs appeals the users because of its better interface, its more accurate search volume data, providing better search engine results page analysis and is also known for its capacity as one of the best keyword research tools on the market research.


Serpstat is one of the most acceptable alternatives for enjoying premium SEO tool experience. Though it lags to SEMRush regarding their research tools, they won’t go as in-depth as SEMRush.But this is also cost-effective as it costs only $69 a month compared to SEMRush, which costs you $ 99.95 a month for a subscription.

Ubersuggest (Free)

If you are looking for a long-term option, try Ubersuggest. It comes with features like Keyword Research, Rank Tracking, SERP Analysis, Backlink profile analysis for no cost on its utterly free version.

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Though Ubersuggest is not on par with other SEO tools when it comes to the number of features yet experts advise

that for most small websites, or blogs getting started, Ubersuggest can give a nice kickstart. If you want to use the paid plan of Ubersuggest, this too is just for $10 a month.

SEMRush helps your eCommerce boosting with its advertising feature, however, if you wish to get your products & services increased without taking the pain of involved in

SEO, doing a site audit, tapping into a fat search volume organically or finding great long-tail keywords choose Google Ads. Its experts will do everything for you.

Mangools: A guiding software for Tyros

This is the best tool empowered with SERP Checker, Backlink Analysis, Website Analysis, Keyword Research & Rank Tracking. The interface ka is designed to help you find things of your interest and aid without letting you be worried about it.

Buzzsumo: Social Media Analyser 

If you are willing to avail of a digital marketing tool with some SMM features in the digital marketing age, Buzzsumo is one of the most acceptable alternatives. Besides that, it also improves your social media engagement to a certain extent. Media agencies or individuals who look for viral contents to streamline the traffic.

Majestic: Link Data Expert 

 If you look for assistance for backlink data search and its sharing Majestic is doing it correctly.

Long Tail Pro: Key to Keywords that Help You to Rank you in Business 

Long Tail Pro has been a preference for many for a long time and still its some of the features give you golden touch. For the keyword overview no rivals to match for Long Tail Pro.

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Screaming Frog: Best for Site Audit

When you subscribe for any comprehensive package of SEMRush, Ahrefs, Serpstat they help you with great site audits.

However, SEO spider of Screaming Frog makes it a bit better than others in the site audit. It can fetch to you, advanced details on your presence.

Moz Pro: Analysis of Your Competitors

SEMRush already equips you with so many tools for analyzing your Competitors. However, if you are willing to have an alternative for SEMRush Moz Pro is the best one in tracking your competitors. 

Using the Moz Pro bar, you can get a quick analysis of your rivals. Moz Pro presents Domain & page authority metrics of your competitors. These features have been admired a lot.

Though if we do price analysis, both SEMRush & Moz Pro cost the same $99/month for the basic plans.


From finding the best keywords, doing a site audit, analyzing the SERP to spying on your competitors, Ahrefs as an SEO tool has left SEMRush miles behind.

However, there are some other SEMRush alternative for different niches of it, and it is totally up to  you what you choose in accorance need to see what suits your requirement. We hope this article must be helpful to you.

Drop you query in the comment section of this post. It will be my pleasure to help you out.

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